spring scalping


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You talking about possibly using a power rake and seed,or actually cutting the yard to dirt?

A lot of different ways and methods people do, especially depending where you live.

I’ve heard/seen of zoysia being torched every fall here.Some people say cutting short of some grasses makes them grow faster


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Ideally in spring, Bermuda needs to be scalped as low as you can go and clippings must be removed, once the grass has reached about 50% green-up. The idea is to get sunlight on the soil and warm it up to wake up the bermuda, then hit it with N to really push it to grow out.

Typically thats late March/April-ish here in N Alabama. You really want to watch the weather and how its trending to determine what and how much fert to put out. Typically I'll go light, 16-4-8 or 10-10-10 in April immediately before/after scalp, and once its 100% green I'll hammer it with 30-0-10 at 1-2lb N/1000. You really want to push it harder at this time.

Wintry grasses, no. Zoysia yes. Other summer lawn types like centipede or Ag, no.