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Spring seeding


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I don't see any problem with seeding now and applying my early weed control application a few weeks later. Then use Drive75 and barricade after new grass is old enough. The 24D does not hurt those weed seed, therefore it won't hurt the grass seed. Crabgrass sprouts around April 10 here.


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What's your point?

Are you making a statement, or asking a ?

I don't know what type of turf you grow in Indiana...can I assume cool season turf?

If so, you better make sure you have at least 3 to 4 cuts on the new grass before you apply any weed control, you could stunt or kill the new grass.

I would not use barricade unless you reduce the rate. A better choice would be dimension.

If you're concerned about crabgrass, you seed and apply drive at the same time. You could also use Tuppersan as well.

This spring is going to be very challenging for seeding and aerating and getting the pre-emergent down at the correct time. Only time will tell.

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It seems to me, that you could apply your broadleaf herbicide before seeding in early spring. No problem. If you put grass seed in cold soil--nothing happens. But the best date to apply grass seed and the best date to apply crabgrass control are almost the same week--about the time of first mowing. Also a big week for dandelions. Will 2,4-D kill new grass--not sure--let us know what happens. If crabgrass date is April 10 where you are located--seed in the fall--it is challangeing in spring. Hope it works for you. Let us know, OK?


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I am in southern Indiana. What I meant was I seeded a lawn yesterday and I still plan to do an early broadleaf treatment in 2-3 weeks. Since the seed should not be sprouted yet, the weed killer won't hurt it right ???/

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Most of our weed control labels say to wait to seed 2 weeks after spraying. So if it is within that 2 weeks and you want to follow the label I would say no. However we have sprayed and seeded within a day of each other and have not noticed any problems.