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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by oqueoque, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I usually do not seed in the Spring, but have a customer that insist he wants it, and is willing to do it again this fall if needed. The grass was around 40% crabgrass last year. I plan on seeding and will apply DriveXLR8, when & if Crabgrass germinates.

    ICT organics used to have a fertilizer with Corn Gluten as a pre-m, but I do not see that on their website anymore. Are there other alternatives? I prefer granular. Does not have to be organic, as you can see I am planning on using the Drive.
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    Bump for something better
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    Tupersan is off the market. As Digitaria said:

    Scotts is using mesotrione in their crabgrass control for seeding. Costs a little more--but it is better. Both a pre-emergent and post emergent. Prevents and kills crabgrass. Also kills most other weeds. Otherwise known as Tenacity.

    Low in toxicity.

    You may wish to follow up with a with a conventional crabgrass control like Dimension when the new grass has been mowed twice.
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    The spring seeding story in the north east almost always has a sad ending! We only do it in extreme situations and I tell the client up front that their lawn is gonna look like $hit in july!
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    I had some success with a few spring seedings last year but its a pita. dimension can be applied a week after the seed pops without killing it off. some tests show 3 days but seems risky to me. just seed early make sure it gets starter and keep up with the pre/post. if there is breakthrough put down more pre after you spray it or next time you go there your going to have breakthrough again. I would use mostly rye to for the quicker germination.
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    I also like acclaim for early crabgrass because you can mix based on plant maturity, lower rates are cheaper than drive and you can soak the area without over applying usually getting most of the tiny plants.
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    tell that client to trust in your abilities and professional opinion. You already know the answer

    seeding a 40% crabgrass is just asking for 50% crabgrass this year.

    split app-Prodimine is the way to go, seed in the fall

    but if I had to seed I would use a low dosage of tenacity as you can seed with it's application in cool season turf. and follow up after germination with another app if needed (probably will).....and buy dimension in bulk now cuz you'll need it come July along with shots of Quinclorac

    shoot I would do my split app of prodimine and throw seeds down just to please the client knowing I'll seed again the fall... customer probably doesn't know what prodimine does LOL

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