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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trying 2b organic, Mar 8, 2005.

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    I was able to sign some large commercial contracts over the winter. I am making my first visits. Picture an apartment building with a big lot at back and wide drive. There is a curb. ( I cant really blow into a lawn area)

    If i take a backpack and blow out all the sand and crap that has built up over the winter and blow it all down into the street it will make a heck of a mess. I have a few others like this, do i sweep once and then blow as normal.

    I have no power sweeper and feel like a schmuck to be out there with my helper with push brooms and a dust pan but thats what I'm going to do. options?

    An initial sweep of the lots at properties with parking lots? ty
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    This is why I have a power broom on my Kubota tractor. (I only paided $50 for it) You might want to rent a small walkbehind one for the day. It will make your life easier. I also just bought echo's power head broom for were the 3pt sweepster can't get.
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    I would get all the sand, salt, and debris off the lawn and sidewalks and get it into the parking lot. Contact a sweeper company and have them come through the parking lot and clean it up for you. This is what I do and the prices are usually pretty fair. It is best to find a sweeper company that does work in your area so that if it is a small parking lot hey can just do it on their way to or from one of their main jobs.

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