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I live in Nebraska & we have had a lot of drifting snow this year & the drifts are hard as rocks. I have a 712ft. western plow with 3 trip springs & I mainly use it to plow my 12mile gravel lane. I have tightened the trip springs twice now & am still having problem with the plow triping,sliding over the drift & leaving me & my truck in the middle of the damn thing. Now this is more than a little annoying. How tight is too tight? Have you ever had your wife help pull you out? Enough said.


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I also have a Western 71/2 foot, I was told to tighten the springs only until the springs start to serparate.

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you could always weld on another bracket and add another trip spring - has worked for me in the past...


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Are you plowing with the blade straight or angled? With hard packed drifts I use almost full angle and run the leading end into the drift. This busts them up better.Your spring tension is right; tighten till the coils just part far enough to slip a business card through them. Also, on a Western, the blade will trip too easy if your a frame is not paralel with the ground. IE truck mount too high or low. This is a common problem with lifted trucks.

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Well as a matter of usage, if your blade is tripping what seems to be a unordinary amount of times, that is because you are over working your plow. What I am saying is that if the plow is tripping trying to bust up those drifts, then get a machine that is better equiped to do so. A v plow will work reasonably well, however a machine with a loader will be better equipped to handle that type of removal.