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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by TimmayB4, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I have a commerical account that is wanting me to get there irrigation system going again this spring but I really dont know how can anyone tell me what i need to do to get it running.

    I know i need to check heads and angles and all that common sense but I just need to know how to get it flowing again and if there is anything special I need to do.

    Also I am really intrested in learning all about irrigation systems whats the best way to learn? I already know how to tap into water lines and lay pipe I use to work for a pipe supplier and had to learn how to do that kind of stuff.

    My last question is if I were to sub this out how much would it cost me.


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    Welcome to the site. Some ruthless old timers here so you need to have thick skin to learn but if you can handle "THE TRUTH" and gives us a sense that you are willing to self teach yourself the basics much can be learned.
    Start with this link. Read every thread. Go to the self help links listed. Learn plant physiology. Read all the posts. Attempt to answer your own questions and we'll steer you well.
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    Ditto...field experience working with a pro is helpfull, but most
    of us learned by ourselves, the hard way. Welcome.

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