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    Dear Lawn friends,

    Thanks for your kind e-mail about my website.
    Today I have placed a new big Hosta update on my Hostavalley website with 25 new Hosta pictures of 20 different (most new) Hosta's.
    You can see them on my website www.hostavalley.com including 10 new "Hostas of the Week" (pictures and description) like: Gypsy Rose, Fire Island (yellow leaves with red petioles), Praying Hands, Guacamole, Red October, Kii Hime, Kiyosumiensis 'Aureomarginata', aequinocthiiantha, Stingray and more.

    You'll find over 100 "Hosta of the week" items (with pictures and description) in the archives.
    There are pictures from Katsuragawa Beni, Magic Fire, Popcorn, Blue Angel, Surprised by Joy, Cat's Eye, and more.

    At this moment there are more than 200 Hostapictures on my website.

    I hope these Hostapictures will help you preparing for the coming spring.
    If you like these pictures, please let me know……

    Kind Regards,

    Jeroen linneman
    (this is a non commercial website)

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