Spring Weed and Feed 200 gallon tank Recipe

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vvcchamb, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Talk ya and hunt ya to death.:laugh:

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    This is the problem with this site! This guy has no idea about what he is doing and now everyone is giving him info.He needs to get off his lazy butt and do what it takes to learn and understand the proper way of doing apps. If he has no idea about what to use, you can rest assure he has no idea how to apply! So everyone that offers advice is also part of the problem. Easy solution, don't give out info.

    If he wants to understand how to do apps he needs to either work for someone, or call the local extension office and ask if there are classes that teach how to mix and apply products. Make sure he also follows the laws for his state. Example License, Insurance proper training!!!!!! Blows my mind how many guys get on here, and ask how to do apps and advice is freely giving.
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    Rabbit dude, chill. Life is ok. He's asking for help. That's part of this site. We're not here to check licenses, references, dna, or the sort. Give the guy a break for trying to do things himself. If you read his initial question, it claims he already had a 200 gallon juicer, just wants a basic weed and feed. If he smokes the turf, that's his business. Like you-he's one of us. Maybe you can offer some help. And if you're around Roger Davis at the local Lesco/Deere (somewhere in Indy), say hello for me.

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    So what your saying is everyone that has a tank sprayer, give him the info to go spray lawns! Thats totally irresponsible! So according to you anyone who asks for information give it to them,even when they don't take the time and effort to actually learn how to properly apply. Okay big guy................
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    I've got an excellent recipe. It works great for me. Keep in mind, I treat warm season turf. Your mix needs to contain all 3 of these. It needs a Pre-emergent, Post emergent Broadleaf weed control and Fertilizer. I use Prodiamine as my Pre-emergent but there are others. It is dry and has to be weighed. Read the label and it will give you rate recommendations for length of control. The post emergent you will use will most likely contain 2,4 D. I use Lesco 3-way. There are others such as Trimec. Read the label and it will recommend rates, probably in pints per acre. I use Uflexx in my tank for my source of N. Great stuff. The bags have different amounts printed on the bag to broadcast the rate/k. I also add micromix. Read the label and it will recommend a range of oz/k. If you have noticed, there are 2 things that are very important in your quest to get your recipe and they are 2 things nobody on here can do for you. They are #1 Calibrate your equipment so you know your rate-gals/acre or gals/k. #2 Read the label so you know how much to add to your tank to broadcast the proper amount per acre and ultimately achieve the desired results. For the most part, there is no recipe until your equipment is calibrated properly. Hope this helped.
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    Rabbit dude, Give the guy a break. He's asking for help. Like I mentioned, he has a sprayer, is in the business, and was asking for a recipe. Again, we are not gonna do an indept profile of the guy. You gave him your input. Let it go. He wants to save some cash in these times. Can you offer positive advice than just beat him down?

    Ted, great advice. Calibration is the key. You're not gonna be 100% accurate all the time, but striving for it is the goal.
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    I recommend a 2gl/m rate. This will stretch your 200 gl further. Use 2 50 lb bags of 46-0-0 Urea, 1 50 lb bag of 46-0-0 Uflexx or 47-0-0 Umaxx, a jug of 12-0-0 plus iron & micronutrients, Speed Zone or Surge at 1.5 oz/gl
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    Dear Rabbitman,

    I have been in business for 12 years. I gross about $250,000 per year. I have a business license, a pesticide certification in my state, one million in liability coverage, 3 full time employees, AND I work my butt off.

    I have sub-contracted about $ 7,000.00 per year for spring and fall weed and feed. I have lost some customers, so I needed to make up some revenue.

    I have a pretty fair knowledge of this business. Gee, I may even know the difference between an amine and an ester! I was just hoping for some general advice from others in the business about brands and mixtures.

    In other words, rabbit dude, you can stuff it.

    THANKS to all who offered advice. It will be very handy.
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    Please relax after all he does call himself the rabbitman and he has an avatar of a fury rabbit I mean that is pretty funny when ya think about it.
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    What is the minimum spray volume/M that can be used when applying 100% UFLEXX @ around (0.5 Lb N)/M ?

    I want to use 1 gallon... would do 1/2 gallon if possible.
    i dont think turf safety is an issue so I suppose "how much you can actually dissolve" is the issue.

    anyone have a reasonable estimate of the upper limit of this fraction?:
    (pounds N from Uflexx)/(Gallons of water) aka solubility

    if it a suspension or whatever than thats what i mean by solution

    thanks, just found a local uflexx supplier, cheaper than lesco's straight urea!
    needless to say im excited

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