Spring yard clean estimate...need your help!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jluck, May 22, 2010.

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    Hello All,
    I am new to the Lawn Care business and have a question for you all and need your advice regarding an estimate for a crazy spring yard cleaning.

    The yard is approximately 1/2 acre on a lake and is very hilly, as in the whole yard will need to be done without a mower. There is maybe a very, very small portion where you may get a mower but not worth the time. The yard has high weeds about 2 to 2 1/2 feet, with heavy leaves and many branches on the ground throughout....looks like a hurricane hit it to be honest. At this point the customer has only asked for a "basic" yard cleaning. I hope to sell him on regular maintenance care to keep the yard from getting like this again.

    The customer lives out of town and this is a vacation lake home for his family. From what I have read the best way to approach this is to figure out what I need to make per hour and how many hours the job will take. As I mentioned I am new to this but I am sure if you saw it you would say wow, did a hurricane hit here? As well, being new I will only have the use of weed eaters, no DR Power brush mowers or anything like it yet. Also, with all of the debris in the yard, I will need to take it all to the landfill as there is only a small wooded area and it would just be piled high and noticeable.

    I did another cleanup last week that was messy, but not this bad. I charged $130 for the cleanup, which took 2 of us 1 1/2 hours, but also got their lawn contract for the year as well as the job for pressure washing a large deck.

    Any advice on a price estimate and how much you would charge would be appreciated. By the way, I am in Virginia if that helps.

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    No mower? big sticks? 3 ft weeds? start at $1000 and go up. got alot of wrk ahead of you!!!
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    First of all..Why would you want the maintenance on a property you can even stick a mower on? I understand wanting to do the cleanup, but I would hate to have a all trimmer job that is a regular maintenance account.

    There is no way we can really give you an accurate estimate with your description.

    Maybe take some good pics of all the property, and then maybe I can throw some CO numbers your way.:waving:

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