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JJ Lawn

LawnSite Senior Member
Here in SW Arkansas we are having our first big thunder storm of the year. Been raining a lightning all night and still coming. Temp's are in the high 50's now and will be in the 70's all next week.<p>Can hear the grass starting to grow. It sure will be nice to get back to work on a normal schedule.<p>Ya'll have a good day.<p>Jim


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
Temperature here yesterday was 77 deg. Its about that now. Mostly weeds are growing right now. It sure feels like spring and has for awhile.


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
With temps in the mid 70s last week we are seeing the first signs of spring. Today I saw iris reticulata, snow drops and crocus all in bloom. What a refreshing sight!<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>


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South Bend, IN
Hey, Mike- there were guys out in South Bend this past week doing cleanups. I'm just doing some pruning now though. Hate to have to redo cleanups.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana


LawnSite Senior Member
clean-ups as far as customer clean-ups must be a northern thing all winter i am looking in my my customers propert for something to do besides edge and blow off, dont get me wrong i do one time clean-ups for people, or am i missing something here, i want to be the best i can be so tell me if i am missing out on something, i have never seen anyone aeriating down here either, should i be doing that or does the sandy soil have something to do with people not doing it,<p>thank you<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida

michael bucher

LawnSite Member
cjcland, A big money maker for our company is fall and spring gutter cleaning. We charge $20.00 flat fee if we can walk the roof and use our blower, if we have to use a ladder or ropes, we charge more. Most don't run over $50.00. Most people up here don't think twice about dropping $20 for having their gutters cleaned and in most cases it takes but a few minutes. It diffently adds up for us. We also pick up yard debris in the spring when the weather breaks. It's always a question for us as when to start our newspaper ad.