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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by T A, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. T A

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    Just came from the lawn and garden show here in Springfield Mo.There were all the usual companies,Exmark,Grasshopper,Toro,Deere,Dixie,even Bad Boy,nice looking machine but it needs to go on a serious diet.The machine that really impressed me was the Blade Runner.Ive seen some of the posts about it but this was my first real looksee.As much as i wanted to walk away with a new Dixie i think this will be my next machine.Would like to hear others responce that was there.
  2. AZT

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    from sw mo.
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    To quote one of the other mfg reps "have you ever seen such an ABORTION".
    I agree with him that they need to rename it the Abortion. It will have to go
    a long way to be even in the game. Exmark,Grasshopper,Scag,Kubota,Hustler,
    Toro and others there are much cleaner and have alot more to offer a customer.
  3. I'm sorry i missed it, was looking forwards to meeting some of you.
  4. ow man

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    Sure, other mfg's reps will talk bad about it----WHEN THEY ARE NOT THE SALESMAN FOR IT. I know there are many z's out there today, but give it a chance. The other reps should drive it before they mouth it!!!! I got the chance to drive one this year, I thought it was a nice mower. Smooth ride, well built, quiet and powerful. Other reps should try it before they knock it. I feel the same about Bad Boy, give it a while in the field, then we'll see.
  5. tlcgrounds

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    I drove over 2 1/2 hours to see the show and I was very disappointed. I had more fun at the bass pro shop and I don't liek fishing. I expected something a lot larger from a city with over 151,000 people in it.
  6. walker-talker

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    I got ya beat, I drove 3.5 hours (from Wichita) to the show. I agree, it was small and I was done looking in 45 minutes. My main purpose for going was not actually to attend the show, but to make a business transaction. I would like to attend the show in KY.

  7. Fivestar

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    We drove from Columbia Mo. What a waste of time. We saw everything in about 25 min. My advice to anyone wanting to see any and all of the toys of their dreams is to go to Louisville KY. in July. It wasn`t a total lost though as we went to Bass Pro Shops and saw all of the Big Boys toys you could every hope for.
  8. accuratelawn

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    It was a lawn and garden show in the middle of February. It was not billed as a power equipment show with demo areas and etc.
    How many different peices of equipment were there to see?
    In one area there was the Bad Boy, Bladerunner and Dixie Chopper. For the thousands of post on these three mowers, I would have thaught it to be a good chance to compair.
    Walker,Husky,J.D.,Toro,Yazoo/Kees,Hustler,Cub Cadet,Exmark,Grasshopper,Kabota,Zipper,Scag,and alot of homeowner brands were on display in addition to the first three mentioned.
    BTW, most do not have time to travel to Ky. in the middle of the season.
    I enjoy the show every year....Spring is almost here!
  9. 1stclasslawns

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    Well we went to the show on saterday, and as far as a lawn and garden show I thought it was good. As far as an equipment show it had quite a bit there, but it didnt cater to the commercial cutter like we are.

    I looked at the dixies and they look nice, I also had a chance wendsday to look the Bad Boy over and again on Sat. I like it, seems well built, and rugged with a nice finish on the metal. Jim was very knowledgeable and friendly. He told me it was not desingned to stripe either.

    The only things I liked about the blade runner is the left discharge and the guage on the hydros to tell you when to change the filter. I think the deck belt is a joke it seems very weak to me and if it did brake the possability of all those little pieces to link back together and to shorten it after it streaches, come on an ideler pully and spring is better. IMHO The finish is sub par and noone was there to talk to about it. And as my wife said all of them are ugly but it takes the prize. In short this machine needs some MAJOR refinement in the asthetics department.

    MY DISCLAMER: I have not operated either of these machines this is just from a look and a talk.


    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Natural lawn

    Did you not talk to Alex when you were there he worked all three days and took only one break on saturday for lunch. The reason I know that is because I took him to lunch! I ran my diesel last year and the belt on the deck is great no wear so far! Also did you not see the pump that machine uses? The frame is the best that I have seen. For someone to say that the bladerunner does'nt compare is right it would be more fair to say the other's do not compare to the bladerunner! The bad boy looks heavy duty but when you really look at it is it really stronger than the others? I do know that the saturday when I was there they were by far the most looked at machine at that show.

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