Springs for belts?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cajuncutter, May 17, 2005.

  1. cajuncutter

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    Just got off the phone with this guy that I bought my 25 Kohler (for $719 to my door by the way :D ) and he was telling me that the military uses garter springs for belts on vehicles and even generators on jets. Well that got me to asking lots of questions and he said no reason it shouldn't work on a mower. He said that the ribs of the springs actually grab better than a rubber or Kevlar belt. The cost is about the same a Kevlar belt as well however it wouldn't need replacing for a very long time. He said that he had never replaced one or seen one come apart while using them. Apparently they use them while in the desert because they do not expand (stretch) during hot conditions during the day. Also they do not shrink and crack due to the cold nights like conventional belts do. Any of you out there using these garter springs in place of belts or is this new news to you all as well? Give me some input because I am heavily considering trying this out. The first thing that came to my mind was liability from coming apart but as he told me he has never seen one come apart. :confused:
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    One question Cajuncutter, what exactly are garter belts, ah, er, i mean springs. Never heard of garter springs
  3. jbell113

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    Its a spring that the bride takes off her leg when she gets married.....real popular at red neck weddings.
  4. cajuncutter

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    Do a search on google for the York Spring Company in Ill. When you locate their URL go there and click on products. There will be a picture and a description of a garter spring.
  5. cajuncutter

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    With little to no response regarding this subject it makes me wonder if this dude screwed up telling me this. Must be TOP SECRET :eek: since they use these in the military and all. Any takers on this? Anyone else hear of this?
  6. sunturf

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    must be top secret..i'm a mechanic in the marine corp and i have never heard of any of that. neither has anybody else i work with. but then again they never tell us anything here... :dizzy:

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