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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by silvercvic, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. silvercvic

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    What is the difference between sprinkler sprays vs sprinklers rotors? I bought the 4" pop-up rainbird 1800 series, are they any good to throw about 25' 360 degrees?
  2. Mjtrole

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    um, no maybe a serated nozzle but that's pushing it. spray nozzles are good for around 15ft, depending on pressure and all that good stuff, why not give a good detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish and that way you can get some good answers, but you could put the sprays in the middle but you might not be able to run many on a zone.
  3. YardPro

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    they are totally different.

    the rotor shoots out a single thin stream and the body rotates around in a circle, distributing the water.

    sprays have fixed patternd and do not rotate. the sprays apply much more water/sq ft/hr than the rotors. The two should never be used on the same zone.

    rotors are for larger areas. they should be run for longer periods.

    rotors will covver from 20-50 feet, where the sprays will cover up to 15 feet MAX....
  4. Dirty Water

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    Uh oh.

    You've already got pipe in the ground and your asking this question?

    Did you read Irrigation Tutorials like I told you?

    You can convert a spray pop up to a multistream rotor that will throw 25+ feet using a MP-rotator. I'd consider doing this if you've already hosed yourself on the design.
  5. Midlo Snow Maker

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  6. silvercvic

    silvercvic LawnSite Member
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    I've got the PVC trenched, cemented, (not buried yet), and poly piped to the area I am about to install the sprinklers and bury them. I was just thinking about the sprinklers itself and was wondering what the difference was. All the town centres and mall around my area has the T-bird series, I looked through my stuff and got (4) 1800 series and (2) 32SA. Most of my sprinklers are in my retaining wall, overlooking my lawn. When I first started this project, I was attempting to shoot from my wall to the sidewalk (not realizing about head-2-head coverage) and I wanted to make sure that I covered most of my lawn. The distance is about 20' give or take for about 60% of the front yard, the rest is only about 14'l x 18'w, I planned to go 2 of the 1800 in that section, and get 4 more 32SA for the rest of the front.
  7. Rotor-Man

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    No Offense, but you're just the customer that turns into every installer's NIGHTMARE! Need to PLAN before DOING!
  8. silvercvic

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    How is that? Just because I don't know what equipment is available to me because I don't have a catalog to order what I need? I only purchased the sprinkler heads because they were the only ones available to me at the time, I admit this is my first attempt and that is why I am here to ask questions...I'm learning as I go, I have planned out what I am going to do, drew it on paper and shopping for what I need before I totally install it. As far as being 'just the customer', I would be a nightmare because I wouldn't be calling an installer for help if something breaks....I wouldn't be their business

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