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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by NothingLess, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Ok this is the a drawin of what i need covered and was tryin to find out from some of you what the best way is to do it...

    front of house has a 5' flower bed and one area right above the fron left has a porch 5' wide by 12' with a bed formin a 17' tirangle connecting one side of the proch to the driveway..
    then the side and back of house has a 1.5' bed
    Tan= House
    gray= concrete
    dark grey= concrete/future shop/garage
    green= grass

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  2. ccane

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    If it were me I'd use HunterPGPs on the back side spaced at 35' and call it a zone, the L shaped 15' area 1804s spaced at 15' and on the other side of the walk 1804 w/10LA nozzles looks like you need to bore under the walk. Leave an extra zone and run it for either drip or misters for any flower areas. Figure out where your tap is gonna be and what your pressure is, plumb it all in 1" and figure 12-15 gal/min per zone. 3/4" might save you a buck or two but than you'll want to run 10-12 gal/min per zone
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    forgot to say the top of the pic is the front of the house...did as best i could with micro paint...

    its not all 15' just the side of the yard is 15'
    basically i looked at it as: (if divided off by squares/rectangles)
    1. 34' by 37' section (back yard)
    2. 53' by 15' section (side yard)
    3. 52' by 55' section (front yard)
    4. 65' by 10' section (side yard)

    2.the side on the right of the pic i figured some type of pop up 180 degree sprayers that came up by the house in the flower bed and sprayed towards the neighbors..
    4.figured maybe 3 HUNTER PGP 4 inch pop-up sprinklers.. one on left(95), middle (185) , right (95) goin down the house....
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    Okay here ya go, you'll have to match the 2 images up b/c my scan can't do bigger than an 8x11. but you should get the idea


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    sweet.but a little hard to read/view/understand. now i just got to find a way to read it...:laugh:

    what u think of this and name what number u wouldnt use and etc... the right side yard has trees down the fence so i though it be best to run along house and spray towards the neighbors/fence

    6,7,8,9,10,11,17 are scrub sprayers (pic is lookin down at it with right side front yard left side back and bottom side yard)

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  6. ccane

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    Honestly I don't know what to make of it. It's hard not being able tosee the property in person. You said something about trees...are they evergreens or decidious? Keep in mind I live in Colorado and we may do things differently here. But the way I lay things out or draw them up is always based on head to head coverage. If you want to skip a few heads by the neighbors you may be able to based upon what they have. I've been involved in irrigation for 20 years and feel my design work is tried and proven. Give me a call if you want and in about 5 min I may be able to help figure out the plan 303.808.2445
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    i see urs but i cant fully understand it as it is not 100%eligible thats why i used paint on mine

    the picture above is the lot from a aerial point of view...
    bottom of pic is the side yard
    left is the back yard
    right is the front...
    i did not put in the little side where u would have to go under thwe concrete... as for neighbors sprinklers, they dont have any...

    when lookin at the pic..
    to the right of #5 to even with about #8 there are 3 turkey oaks along the fence...
    there is one more tree in the front about 5' to the right off #13..
    each number represent a sprinkler
    circles represent the main sprinklers
    rectangles represent the scrub pop ups..

    my main thing is i just lad the yard less than a year ago so i was tryin my best to water evrything but try the least of trenshing through the new sod
    1-2 = 34'
    2-5 = 37' (3 is at 18.5')
    5-6 = 15'
    5-12 = 53' (everyone 6-11 i spaced 11')
    12-16= 25' (14 is at 12.5')
    12-13= 22'
    14-15= 22'
    13-18= 37' (15 is at 18.5')
    17-19= 55' (18 is at 30)
  8. PurpHaze

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    Damn... A clean and concise plot plan would be nice (including planters, porches, etc.). (Hint: Plot plans are ALWAYS an "aerial" view.) :laugh:
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    man just call me it's no big deal

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