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I have a customer that has asked me to look at his sprinkler system. It is a very old system, most of the heads are/were the old metal ones you can't even buy anymore. The problem is that the heads wont pop up in one of the zones. It is 3/4 in. pipe with 12 heads in the zone. I can't seem to find any major leaks or breaks in the zone. My guess is that over the years when the old heads have been replaced with newer ones, it has changed the output of the zone and there is not enough water to run all 12 heads. Any Ideas or solutions?


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Can you get any pressure readings; either in the line or at the end of that zone? There may be enough gunk in those metal heads to shut things down
On the metal or brass sprinkler's, on the stem, the washer that they used does get worn out. I didn't see if you said if they were impact sprinklers or fixed sprays. With fixed sprays, the washers do wear out after some time. This can cause loss of water preasure. What kind of pipe? Galvanized, at least in my area, only last for 20 to 15 years. May be a time to give you client a quote for a new system. At least in my expereince, it's more cost effective to replace the system if you have many leak area's. Also, I know this sounds dumb, have you checked the flow adjustment on the valve. Is a Gate valve completly open?? Have they put any water saving device on the house service line??<br>Good luck<br>Jean<p>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044


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We did a sytem recently at a home that had galvanized pipe, that was probably 50 + years old. It was so clogged we were lucky to get 5 gpm out of it, but managed a lot of pressure. That is what happens with old metal pipe.

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