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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by dinosaurdan9, Oct 29, 2004.

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    undefinedi need to learn how to install sprinkler systems for lawns. i need to take a class(es) sometime between nov 15,2004 and march 2005. how do i do this in michigan and who do i contact. need some help here
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    check on the rainbird and hunter sites for when there having classes in your area.

    also, go to some of your local irrigation shops and ask them if their offering anything. A community college is also a great way to learn about irrigation.

    that said, it's probably a good idea for you to work under somebody who really knows what there doing for a year two, along with taking the classes. Remember, irrigation is not all book learning, you need to get out their and get some hands on experience.

    hope this helps chris.
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    You need to contact Oakland Community College.
    They have a good Irrigation class, one semester. The Landscape Tech. program is headed by Mr. Marshall, or at least it was. BTW-- he also teaches one of the best plant ID courses around, more than worth the time and effort.

    There is no " class " that will teach anything but system sizing, layout and theory. While this represents useful base knowledge, if you want to learn how to quickly install a system, then I would recommend watching a good crew. This is not a good year, in MI anyway, to get into the business. Frankly it's been so wet that no one is doing much business, I am not saying " don't go into irrigation " I am saying that you couldn't swing a dead cat this year without hitting a layed off sprinkler crew. :(

    One last piece of honest advice, keep your mouth closed and your eye's open.
    When you start out on a crew you're just " meat on the end of a shovel ". Telling the crew about your education, opinions, advice, ect...... will only get you into trouble. The " Guy's " won't care since they won't know what your saying, except for the fitter. The Foreman, however, won't like you tieing up the Guy's and will give you " customer friendly jobs " like cleaning up all the dog sh** in the back yard. While performing your " customer friendly task " the fitter will come over and tell the guy's about your education, opinions, ect...... :D :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :D
    Should you feel the need to express your opinion do so with the Foreman, I spent 12 year's as a crew Foreman and believe me there are many ways to discourage folks from playing " grab ass ".

    Best of luck,

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