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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by palazzophoto, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Im trying to locate the valve boxes for zones 5 and 6 in the yard. Can anyone make an educated guess where they would likely be in relation to the other valves and main line. The other valve boxes are right on the surface but these must be buried as i have scoured the entire yard and cannot find them. The solenoid on zone 5 is holding open with a steady leak in zone five heads. I need to replace asap. thanks
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    Did you know that someone with a wire tracer can find those valve's in about 2 minute's? Those locator's are real common with the irrigation people. I'll bet it wouldn't cost you much.
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    Get a lawnmower and cut the grass somewhat short...it be easier to see valve boxes..or call an irrigation company to trace for you...
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    If I were a guy that locates valve for a living (and I do) I would take the information that I have and (regardless of having a locator) develop a plan.
    1) You have a plot plan which is a plus.
    2) You live in Texas which helps because, the valves prolly run along the mainline.
    3) Your controller is on the opposite end of the property near the last zone.
    4) The wires run from the controller to the first valve box in the ground (forget the zone number) through each VB toward the last valve box on the mainline.
    5) The VB for (6) should be near the controller and should have all the other wires running through it.
    6) The VB for zone (5) should be near an intersection (T) so I would place it near the (L) in lot 19 print. I could be wrong and the installer done differently but that's where I'd be looking. Before potholing dig number (4) VB up and count the wires going through it. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but there should be a daisy chained common and (3) wires headed to VB (3) if I'm right.
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    Color us chumps. Ten days and not even the courtesy of a reach around.
    I don't know if anyone else has seen the http://sprinklertalk.com/wbb/ forum but it's full of homeowners that last just long enough to ask a question and once answered they leave without appraising us of their findings.

    We're all here for our own selfish reasons and the only payment we receive for sharing our experience and intellectual properties is through one sharing their results with is. I for one care enough about steering people in the right direction that I not only keep up on all subscribed threads but I pm some that are having difficulties that are within my rehlm I coach them over the phone.

    I hope this person did find his valves but would like to know the method he used to find them.
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    I agree Jim. Frustrating that the poster can't even come back with a "thanks guys......" On the other hand, your kindness and knowledge is greatly appreciated by many others on this forum and in the industry.
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    I love this forum Stan, you guys are family. I just like closure, even if I don't physically solve an issue I get satisfaction from helping another solve it.
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