Sprinkler winterization?


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Fruita, colorado
Any of you winter locale folks offer sprinkler system winterization? We have a large compressor and are offering this service this year. Any problems that you could help us avoid? Any little tricks you have learned to make you winterizing system work like a well oiled machine? Any thoughts and comments appreciated! (I think...)


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dirty jersey
i tryed it about 5 years ago with a friend who had a tow air compressor .we did all mine and his lawn cust. and it worked out well.what we did was we talked to our local rain bird hunter dealer and he filled us in on all the info. (max psi,hose size,ect...) and dont forget to pitch down the rain sensor to prevent water from freezeing in it and cracking it. the problem we ran into was all the people we winterized they wonted us to start them up in the spring. to much time .that when heads needed to be adjusted and call backs.....what a pain for $50.
one thing that realy mesed us up was the timers .they wornt the thpe with pins /they were the computer type. what a pain.

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You need to be familiar with the equipment! :)

$50? We get $65+ for blow-out and $85+ for start-up and adjustment.

Tips: For winterizations,

1. Wear loafers (dock-siders) that can quickly be slipped off to go shuf off the irrigation water supply.
2. Call 1st to be sure customer is home so you have access to water supply and clock.
3. Shy away from older systems.