Sprinklers come on partially, diagnosis help

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Fine Gardens Landscaping, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Turn off water at backflow then take valve apart. 9 times out of 10 there is an obstruction or a bad seal in the valve. I have found nails, grass, dirt, teflon tape, pvc cement, calcium buildup and numberous mystery idems in irrigation valves. If nothing is found in valve, turn water on with valve apart and blow out line.
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    Have customer shut off all water in house, write down meter reading and then run zone, read meter...calculate flow for all heads combined...if numbers differ, you likly have a break...allow system to run and look for water....that is, if problem is still present.
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    look for a reallllllly wet spot, if you find one, stop the cause of it.

    I do this before locating/checking valve, but only because I repaired vise versa on an earlier occurance....

    It seems like yesterday, I felt like an ass as me and the client tested my new solenoid and diaphram lol :), but it didnt bother me because those are my most remembered lessons.

    When I finally found the wet spot, I told the customer he should have had me fix this broken head it would have been cheaper, lol (just kidding)

    Good luck sir!

    P.S. I just like to type, PLEASE take my thoughts with a grain of salt and doubt, Im proven incorrect way too often for anything else
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    I ended up capping all heads and checking for leaks. There ended up being a damaged pipe around some tree roots. I had to use a sawzall and pick axe for a few hours. I ended up finding and fixing the leak. After fix I ran zone with all heads still capped, meter did not change. Every thing seems good, tomorrow I'm going to exchange the caps for nozles and should be set.

    Thanks guys for all the excellent tips!
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    You are one of the few thread starters that has been kind enough to pay us by posting the outcome.

    While no one expects to be lavished with gifts, it's nice to know what the problem was and how it was resolved.

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