Sprinter (Dodge or Freightliner) Chassis Cab

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by morturf, Jan 11, 2005.

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    I had not seen this mentioned on here yet as far as a chassis cab. I find this to be a real deal for a lawn care or landscaper. They don't have huge payloads or towing weights but the 27mpg would sure be nice. The pricing is not too bad either. I also believe the turning radius is attractive. Look at both pages and give your thoughts on this truck.



    Looks like a great bridge for those who think a cabover is too much and a p/u is not enough.

    What do all u guys think?
  2. hosejockey2002

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    Looks like it would be a good little truck. I think 27 mpg is wildly optimistic, though. From what I hear the Sprinter vans get around 22 and the cab and chassis about 18-20, which is still pretty good.
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    Dodge or Freightliner, it is actually made by Mercedes-Benz.

    I am a big Mercedes fan. Just bought a new E320 CDI (diesel sedan). It has a similar engine (+ 1 cylinder) as the Sprinter. It has NASTY torque for a car.

    Anyway, tried to find a Sprinter. We have a C5500 and a Fuso cabover, I wanted something smaller.

    The dealers in my area are few and far between, and they were LOST. I mean, they had trouble grasping the basics like returning a phone call. I decided to stay away because if that's how interested they are in selling I can only imagine the enthusiasm level will really drop when you need warranty service. Plus, being a Mercedes I would be scared to own it out of warranty, since your talking an easy $6k for a transmission and $12K for an engine. Its a pretty light duty vehicle, even in the heaviest GVW.
    Brake for Mercedes will break your heart when you see the price tag.

    Finally, there are not a whole lot of body options. If you want a landscape body someone is going to have to custom make it, adding to the cost.

    Look into Mitsubishi-Fuso. Ours is a 2000 and it DRIVES LIKE A CAR!!! The 2005 is re-designed with a 5-spd auto and is supposed to drive even better. Yes it is heavier than the Sprinter, but that is not a bad thing.
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    I have to agree and I have had some thoughts on this myself. I spoke with a cab-chassis owner who told me he has averaged about 24mpg. He had a conventional flatbed on it used to haul palletized material. He said that he loved the way it handled and drove. Might be a consideration for the price! I believe the Mercedes diesel is certainly mechanically and commercially proven. I agree though that an extended warranty would be an excellent purchase...Mercedes commercial parts are $$$$$.

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