Spruce & a Hemlock question

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by NNJLandman, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I have a Colorado Spruce I installed at a customers house, tree seemed to be doing good until lately, branches on the back of tree are starting to brown up, wats odd is they are browning from the trunk of the tree outward. In the front one whole single branch browned up. I'm baffled, the rest of the tree is doing fine. Also stagered behind the spruce is a canadian hemlock, the top of that is brown and seems to be dead. I didn't offer them any guarantee on the plants/material so it really isn't my problem but they are nice/good customers so I want to see if I can help them. The area gets sufficient sun, im pretty sure the customers are watering. Any help is appreciated.


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    Jeff, check the Hemlock for wooly adelgid damage, it is a common pest and it destroying most of the hemlocks along the east coast. They can be controlled with Imidacloprid which is in quite a few pesticides, including many grub controls or horticultural oils which will smother the adelgid at this time of year.


    Check them both for proper watering and any physical damage from the nursery or planting. You can always prune out any dead wood and examine it carefully and if still concerned send it to a lab like Rutgers.

    Colorado blue spruce is susceptible to many pest and disease problems, especially when young or stressed. They are even prone to decline from specific air pollutants.


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