Spurge vs three herbicides

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RigglePLC, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. RigglePLC

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    As a summer annual, spurge is the weed I hate the most. At least it does not have big yellow flowers.
    I compared: left to right: Drive plus both T-Zone and Speedzone, Drive plus Speedzone, and Drive plus T-Zone.
    The differences were small, but I thought Drive plus both Speedzone and Speedzone was the most effective. The Drive solution included MSO as surfactant. The treatments were applied one on top of the other--not mixed together.
    Spurge does not roll over and play dead--no twisting and curling like dandelions. Late in the season after herbicide sprays, it just looks slightly brown and dull.

    Spurge is better sprayed much earlier in the season--probably when growth and expansion is rapid--estimated to be about mid-July. In the fall, seed is produced and growth is slow, due to cool nights.
    Frost for this location in Michigan is about a month away.

  2. rbljack

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    ive been fighting spurge here in west texas myself. As a newer applicator Im in the learning process. I think I may need to run split apps next spring to increase protection from spurge because of the hot temps we have. My guess is the spurge germinates as my pre em wore off/broke down from the heat. Now its early fall, and I ran specticle for my fall apps. To try and get a handle on the spurge (and some other weeds like purslane and pigweed), I ran celcius at the mid rate along with MSM to try and gain some control over these weeds. One thing that I struggle with is this; I stress out every time I show up at a yard to spray. Always worrying that I am going to damage the grass. I hope that stress level goes down as I gain some experience and confidence.
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  3. lawndude28

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    This is becoming my most pain in the ass weed. Nothing I've tried gets a consistent kill, and it will germinate about anywhere other than nice dense turf.
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  4. ETM

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    Dismiss works wonders on spurge
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  5. lawndude28

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    Tried it, didn’t do much for me, mixed with three way and it’s pretty good. Solitaire was disipointing, even tried t zone with disappointing results.
  6. ETM

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    Thing is here at my house the dismiss worked great. On a customers yard 35 miles away it was ok. Same backpack and mixture. Can anyone explain that. Seems anything I do around my property works as should. Out in the field it is sometimes a challenge.
  7. lawndude28

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    Thats how drive is for me. I think next year I'm going pylex on crab breakthroughs.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Not much will work on mature spurge guys....don't be so hard on yourselves
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  9. takervader

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    I havent gotten anything to work once its grown out, even in dense turf. MSM sometimes doesnt even bother it.
  10. B-Easy

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    I think a late/split-app pre-emergent is your best bet with spotted spurge. I've thrown everything post-emergent at it for years. Q4 Plus works but you'll go broke if you tank mix it. I've sprayed this stuff with glyphosate that I also sprayed on native Bermudagrass. Smoked the Bermuda but the SS is only slightly yellow after 2 weeks. It wasn't even full grown at the time. Once it's full grown you can forget killing it and this stuff grows so fast in the heat of summer. At 5-6 weeks between apps if you miss your window when this stuff starts going gangbusters you are out of luck

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