Spyker 120/220 or jrco-electric spreader?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RRHAMMONS, Jan 26, 2009.


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    I need to purchase a new spreader for my ztr. I am considering either a spyker or jrco spreader. I would value any opinions on anyone whom uses one of these. Thanks.
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    IMO - go with Spyker. A close friend (who buys fert from us) tried both jrco & Spyker on a 60" Exmark Lazer Z. He is extremely happy with the Spyker 120 that he bought last spring. We have used a Spyker 220 (3-point hitch on a JD 445) for about ten years. Only repair was to replace the motor last year. My 2 cents worth
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    I got certified and started applications last year. When I did my research by searching LawnSite and other similar web sites, I found more people had used the Spyker w/o problems than the JRCO. At least one person replaced a JRCO with a Spyker. I bought the Spyker and have been very happy. Again, I have no personal experience with the JRCO but I'm satisfied with my Spyker.

    I bought mine new but heavily discounted off ebay. I watched auctions for about 3 months and a deal came along. I got a Spyker 220 for much less than the normal price of a 120. Only issue is that the 220 hopper is taller than the 120 (otherwise they are identical), It's front mounted on my ZTR. The extra hopper height makes it hard to look into the hopper to check fertilizer levels while spreading from my Toro Z. Unless you can get the Spyker 220 for a crazy low price I'd suggest buying the Spyker 120.

    Good luck with your choice of spreader. - Ed
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    we have some used jrco to sell!!!!!!!!!!!!! they work great, hjave had to replace a motor on one, but stuff hapens, it lasted five years or so on the original. they work great but we have switched to zsprays and no longer need the jrco spreaders. pm me if interested.

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    Is there any other opinions on these. Thanks.

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