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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 11, 2008.

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    If you have switched over to the Spyker 288, what do you think?

    rscvp, thanks
  2. leostaats

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    I just switched two weeks ago. I have had the Lesco hydro walk behind for about 4 years and it gets minimal use down here in s fla, we fert quarterly and the unit gets cleaned well. So the Lesco has always had its issueas, gear box siewed up twice , chain jumps off all the time. bearings went on axle and the fame costs 200 bucks to replace but, then you have to cut the axles and destroy all sorts of stuff just to replace the bearings. estimated cost was about 70o in parts if I do it myself. I did it once 2 years past and wasnt about to do it again. I started looking into the Spyker spreaders, to date I have the spyker 288 thinderbird model. I bought it new for 1369.00 apparently a great deal. and I couldnt be happier. the model is the same as th 288 so my testimonial would be the same with or without the motod drive. The spreader spreads, it seriusly spreads product. I can get it to throw about 20 feet , 16 on average and just a quick push of th adjusment nob and you direct the flow evenly left or right if it happens to be spreading heavirer to one side. The unit feels very solid, I also have the lesco push models in teh warehouse and they do work well, but they dont browadcast anywhere linke the 288. The one down side I had to the unit wa out of the box it was a bit torquey and didnt go as fast as I was hoping since im used to walking quickly with a higher application rate. No biggie though since I up sized the drive sproket by 2 teeth and langthened the chain, now it moves a t a more comfortable speed for me. Probably more info than you expected but you will not be disappointed by this model.life time warranty on the gear box and quick change abbility on the broadcast plate. All my lesco spreaders have lashed out in the gear boxes, which is a pain the but also. shop around, buy the spreader and be happy. Try green thumb down here in florida they'll ship it. 954-344-0760, ask for Joe.

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    Spyker 288 is awesome. Smooth as glass operation, & spread is dead on even...! (And they are made around the corner from us:clapping:)

    Since I got it I find myself using it on some smaller properties that I would have used the Z-Spray on before, because it spreads so nice! (Z-Spray has Spyker spreader as well)

    The Lesco spreader is now for sale:)

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