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    I have a spkyer spreader 56-22 model number. I purchased the product back in September and have used it twice, yes that is correct twice. I had planned on using Lebanon proucts this year and this spreader has exact settings for the Lebanon products. Again, this was the plan. The distributor I purchase my products rasied his prices drastically. For example I use woodace tablets for my landscaping. Last year they ran 41.00 for a bucket of 600, this year they are 57.00 for 600. Exact same product. I have since decided to use all Lesco products this year. Here is my problem. Should I spend the $299 on the lesco #80 stainless spreader and try to sell the spyker or do the Lesco gauges work for the spyker spreader? I am leaning to purchased the Lesco, if any one is interested in the spyker I will let it go pretty cheap.

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    Of course you can use a Spyker spreader or Scotts or anybody else for that matter. You just have to calibrate for each fertilizer. I'll use an example of 19-12-12, applied at a rate of 1lb N/1000 sq ft for demonstration purposes. Lets also assume that the material is thrown in a band of 12 ft.

    1. Figure how much elemental N there is.
    1 lb fert/19% N = 5.26 lb fert/lb N
    So you need to apply 5.26 lb fert/1000 sq ft to get 1 lb N/1000 sq ft

    2. Figure how much material will be thrown in a pass. If you use 50% overlap than you reduce the rate by half. If you go two directions as well you half it agian. So mark off 50-100 ft and figure how much area you will cover. Lets assume one direction at 50% overlap and a "pass" of 50 ft.
    50 x 6 = 300 sq ft

    3. Use ratios to put the two together. Now you have to match the two rates.
    (5.26/10000) = (x/300)
    1578/1000 = x
    1.58 = x
    You need to spread 1.58 lb in your pass. It is a matter of trial and error to get the right setting.

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