Spyker spreader complaint

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. aaronmg

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    I had mine break on a customers yard yesterday... 6.2 hours on the machine and it broke... I made about a 20' run before I figured out the hopper was going full blast... No, I didn't hit anything to bust it... I'm not an engineer but I think this design has my mind at ease better than what came on the machine... Of course I'm gonna have to recalibrate and get different sizes of zip ties... I can't upload the pic but I'm putting zip ties in the console so the lever can't go back to full output.. I can't believe that spyker put a piece of junk contraption like this on there hoppers...If anyone else has any suggestions please share...
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    AmericanLawn, can you explain to me in more detail this issue? Specifically which part failed and what it was that caused it? (Parts Diagram)

  3. EquityGreen

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    I have the same issues with our 7 spyker spreaders. One or more of the 4 plastic prongs break. We go through about 10 per season minimum. Definitely a flaw IMO
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  4. americanlawn

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    We had another one break today. I ordered more today from TURFCO (they will arrive tomorrow). This part shells out on Spyker push spreaders, as well as stand-on spreader/sprayer units that use the Spyker spreader. NOTE: 2 different sizes.

    I can't believe Spyker uses these cheap plastic things in the first place.

    Photo shows a couple of broken ones. Red ink pen points at one of the missing/busted plastic clips. Once one of the 4 clips break, you're in trouble.

    As far as I know, you have to order the complete unit. Kinda funny >> the "sleeve" (shown in photo under my pinky finger) is made out of stainless steel???? :laugh:

  5. americanlawn

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    I think softer & thicker plastic would hold up better. I don't see how zip ties or stainless steel screws are possible. Maybe use a nylon component in the plastic? Anyway -- this part is made out of brittle hard plastic. The clips don't hold up, and they are probably too small & not heavy duty enough.

    I also do not care for the Accuway & curved fin impellers.

    Other than the above 3 issues, we actually love our Spyker spreaders. :usflag:

  6. sprayboy

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    With the pic I now understand what you are talking about.

    How the hell are you breaking those?

    I had mine pop out of the holder a couple times last year, did not break and snapped it back in, only because a rock of fert got past the screen and jammed in the opening and wouldn't let it close properly.

    Just a thought...are the guys slamming the gate closed real hard and that is what is breaking them?

    Is there a screen in the hopper to stop the clumps or rocks from getting to the gate?
  7. americanlawn

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    I really don't know why the tabs break off. We've had them snap off on our Spyker push spreaders (maybe about once a year), but we seem to break them 3 times as often on stand-on spreader/sprayers. I figure going at least 5 mph on bumpy ground may have something to do with it?? Plus the spreader/sprayers go thru a whole lot more product compared to push spreaders.

    We've owned Spyker spreaders for many years. Great spreaders, and I like the fact they are made in the Midwest. But the plastic dial is cheaply made. And when the Accuway gets caked up, it causes problems with the spread pattern. Same with the 2 curved fins when smaller prill sizes are applied.

    I heard Spyker now offers a 4-flat fin impeller, so I'm going to check this out. Cuz LESCO's 4 flat fin impeller shells out much faster. (probably made in China instead of Indiana, USA)


  8. sprayboy

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    Not sure how the T works on opening and closing the hopper but the Z works off of a cable. When the cable bottoms out the gate is closed with no chance of trying to push it to far. Maybe there is an adjustment that can be made to shorten the stroke on the cable or lever, however the T is done, to stop it from going to far.

    I hope that makes sense.

    And as I told you before spyker does make a spinner with 4 straight fins and I like it.
  9. americanlawn

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    Thanks Terry, the T also relies on a cable. (I am not a big fan of cables). I'm going to order some straight fin spinners/impellers from Spyker right away.
  10. XYZLawnPros

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    Oh dear god. We just purchased 5 s40's. Are you telling me that basically I'm going to have a ton of issues with these things? And you're telling me that there is no service after the purchase? We just want them to work as advertised and marketed. If there are a lot of people having these same issues I have no problem getting my money back and going to a different manufacturer.

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