Sqeeling noise in my New(to me) Lazer Z 27K

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Fatdaddy, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Fatdaddy

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    Well guys I did it. Went in debt
    but feel I got a mower that will
    last me my life. I bought a Lazer Z
    27hp Kawasaki 60". It was a demo
    2002 model with 45hrs on it.. model LZ27ka6074

    I had the bug for this in a bad way.
    I should have paid more attention.
    I got it home and to mow my 2 acres.
    I noticed the loud squeeling pump noise
    when I move levers. I mean just move a
    tad and its pretty loud. The others
    grasshopper, Dixon, Steinner you name
    it I looked at it. Did not seem as loud
    Is it something adjusted or are they'
    just a bit loud. My neighbor has a Husky
    and it don't seem as loud.

    Not fussin I will take the noise as long
    as it is normal.
    I will take any pointers on this and things
    to know, what do as a new owner.

    Just waiting for my grass to GROW!!!
  2. eXmark

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    I won't even ask about your name.

    Anyway a couple of things. First I'm assuming it's under warranty and you should take it back to your dealer if your not sure whether you have an issue or not. Second the liquid cooled units will exhibit more "whine" than an air-cooled mower. They don't really have more "whine" it just sounds like they do because the engine is so much quieter. Third, we would need to determine if it is a "whine" or a "Squeal". A whine is normal in most cases but can increase if they hydro system has excessive amounts of air in it. If the problem is air it will usually purge itself with use. Backing the machine up for about 10 minutes usually helps purge the air a little faster than driving it forward. You can also get increased "whine" when the hydros are cold. Does it seam to quiet down after it's been driven for about 15 minutes? Now if it's a "squeal" you could have a hydro pump belt slipping. If that's the case it'll pull to the right when going up inclines such as a trailer ramp or hill. If that's the case you probably don't want to mess with it. Just take it back to the dealer for service. I'm guessing that the noise probably is much less at full engine rpm as well. Again this would be normal and I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts doing something else unusual.

    I suspect your new mower just needs to be run. It's only got 45 hours on it and you'll notice the hydros getting much quieter and smoother as you use the machine.

    When in doubt take it to your dealer for service but right now I don't see any red flags. I'm guessing your machine just needs to get out a work a little bit and the noise will improve.

    Enjoy your new machine. You won't regret it.


  3. Fatdaddy

    Fatdaddy LawnSite Member
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    My wrong... Whine is the correct term.
    I looked at my fluid level and it covers the
    cold tab. It is not level to the bottom of the
    baffel. I will try the above and take it by
    to be purged.
  4. lahanko

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    from NY
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    If you're not in debt you probably don't have anything.
    Good luck with your new mower.

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