Square cut bluestone over concrete steps

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Edgewater, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Edgewater

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    I have been asked to overlay a set of concrete steps with square cut blue stone. The concrete is in good condition, and there is a 4'x14' walkway, two steps that are 9' wide, and then a landing that is about 3.5'x9'.

    I am assuming that the concrete should be washed with acid before laying the mortar bed. If my stone is 1" thick, how much of a bed do I need at the thinest point. I know that I have to make sure it drains, but how thin can I go?

    Will type N work for the bed, and then filling the joints?

    Go you typically wait a day before going back and doing the joints?

    any help would be great.
  2. csl

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    just talk to your local concrete dealer or block dealer. we have a new product that is added directly to the concrete mixer that really helps to bond to existing concrete. just make a few calls.
  3. JRSlawn

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    Ask rock water farm I have seen a few pics of him overlaying a front porch
  4. nac

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    You have to make sure the substrate is clean and then on bluestone you should use and acrilc bonding agent

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