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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ManleyLawn, Sep 22, 2003.

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    I know a lot of guys have a set formula for what it costs to mow per square foot and just add for hills and "problem areas that would take more time.. i was wondering if i could get an idea of how this works and maybe some prices to get me on the right path. right now i ask to mow there lawn first b/f giving them a set price. this gives me a chance to see how long it takes me and also how good of a job i do thanks for all your help!
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    All terrain and conditions are different,

    Star with the lawns that you already have, measure'em, how many obstacles, how much edging and trimmig (linear foot), gates, hills, flat, type of mower, type of grass, etc. then you can come up with a formula of how long it will take you to mow each property. After that you decide how much you need to make per hour to make a profit.

    A formula that works for someone might not work for other.
    Type of equipment, area, overhead, etc.

    Next time you give a price based on your way of doing it, think of a price before you start the job, don't tell the customer, after you finish see how close you are.
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    When I bid a job, I walk the property with the owner and find out what thier expectations are. Do they want it mowed once a week? What happens when the growing season slows. will they expect me to mow once every 2 weeks?
    Take in consideration every tree, wet spot, evreything!
    If it's a small lawn my min charge is 35.
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    Here in orlando it is strange, 80x120 lot could be $80 per month in Rolling pine creek water. And 1/2 a mile down the road in La grande Boca Vista lago it is $120. ??????????? Same prop value.

    I just feel out each subdivision.

    Also real world...Ileworth 550 a month 1 mile away in Keens point 80-120 a month. Strange
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    I have that problem in college park were prop values are way overated

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