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    How Do U Measure To Get Your Square Footage ? Is It Length Times Width For Example What Is The Sq.ft. 28 X 42 . I Want To Make Sure I'm Doing It Right Before I Give Out Estimate's I Have Five Property's To Rotortill And Sod. What Ever The Answer Is I Can Figure Out How You Got It On My Own . Everyone I Talk To Seems To Tell Me Something Different . Thanks To Who Ever Takes The Time To Help Me Out .

    Measurements Of All 5 Property's
    1. 27 X 24
    2. 104 X 8
    3. 9 X 34
    4. 9 X 73
    12 X 8
    12 X 17
    5. 28 X 42
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    Square Footage = Length (x) Width
    Square Cubic Feet = Length (x) Width (x) Depth
    Square Cubic Yards = Square Cubic Feet (/) 324

    When ordering topsoil, mulch, rock, etc. from a nursery they will want to know your cubic yards.
    The answer to your question is 1176 SQ FT

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