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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by roy at home, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. roy at home

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  2. pondfishr

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    The way I figure it is that you have an area 9' X 13' = 117 sq ft. If you are using 16" pavers each one is 1.25 sq ft. If you take 117/1.25 = 93.6 pavers. I bet if you had around 100 of them that will be real close to what you need. If you want to figure around 10% extra that would put you at 103 pavers. Hope this helps..........
  3. roy at home

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    Sure Does Thank You That Is What I Was Figuring, But Hey 2 Heads Are Better Than One. Thank You.
  4. pondfishr

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    I looked at it again and the 16" are actually 1.33 sq ft. That will put you around 88 pavers plus the 10% to 97. Anywhere around 100 I bet you will be ok. It depends what type of spacing you have between them and if you have to do much cutting. Sorry for the mistake but it is close...
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    Thank You.
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    How did you guys come up with 1.25 sq. ft.? I came up with 1.77777 per. 16x16=256/144=1.77777. What am I doing wrong?
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    What are you figuring orionkf?
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    You are doing nothing wrong.

    He needs 66 stones. He can figure in how many extra for cuts.
  9. Electra_Glide

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    You didn't do anything wrong, 1.7777 sq.ft per paver is the correct answer.

    9' x 13' = 117 sq. ft.

    117 sq.ft. / 1.777 sq.ft. per paver = 66 pavers.

    The other way to figure it, in order to account for cuts, is to compute the number you need for each side:

    9' = 108"
    13' = 156"

    108" / 16" per paver = 6.75
    156" / 16" per paver = 9.75

    So, you need 7 pavers for the short side, and 10 pavers for the long side for a total of 70 pavers.

    Take care...

    Joe Kantz
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    If you do this a lot invest in a Construction Master Volume Calculator. It converts feet into inches & inches into feet. Also will do all of your square and volume calculations. Cost about $79.00.

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