SRR - Some Assembly Required. Batteries Not Included...

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jeffinsgf, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. jeffinsgf

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    Okay, so the disclaimers that accompanied all my favorite childhood toys should have been on the SRR remote box, too. But that's alright -- I had as much fun with it today as I did with anything I ever got in my pre-teen years.

    I did have to make another trip to town when I found out you needed a conduit box connector and a piece of pipe to mount the receiver to the controller. After that little chore, the rest of it was plug and play. Glad I noticed that the battery didn't come with it, or that would have been a third trip.

    With my system spread over an acre -- that remote is going to come in real handy when I am tweaking. Is the connection the same as the long range remote? The SRR does everything I need from anywhere in the yard, so I am glad I didn't part with the bucks for the fancier one. I can see where you guys would need the increased range, however.
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    remotes are the best.........

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  4. PurpHaze

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    Any Hunter controller with a SmartPort will accept either the SRR or ICR remote receiver.

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    Also the range issue isn't as big a factor as the durability. My durability rating for the remotes I know about are:
    Rain Master by far
    TRC Commander or Sidekick about the same
    Hunter ICR
    None of the little HO remote can take much abuse
  7. jeffinsgf

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    Well, since I'm not commercial and I don't have to hand my remote to trench monkeys, I think I'll be fine. :dancing:
  8. MarcSmith

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    i love my TRC commander, that coupled with my nice....but she does gobble up the 9v batty's
  9. sprinklerguy1

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    I love the ICR remote.... you can power through anything with it.

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