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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by SRT8, Mar 31, 2013.

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    The joys of desegregation.
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    Just came on to vent a bit. We lost a nice sized account last week. Price was about the same as ours but they incluced 10 more man days per week! We were only budgeted for 6 man days a week and they have included 16! I know they are FOS and wont actually send that many guys. The math doesnt add up. Its a full service contract, all weeding, pruning, seasonal color changes, quarterly fertilization of lawns and monthly irrigation checks are included in the price. This place takes about $5k worth of fert a year and about $4k worth of color. What had me scratching my head is why so many work days? The place is in real good shape. I try to educate my clients. Sometimes it sucks having ignorant clients .
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    The white one could use a bath. :)
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    Yea she likes to play in the dirt.
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    I hear ya man. We have been in the same position before with a big client. We got the place looking real nice and then the board decided they wanted to "try" someone else. Long story short, the new guys made the place look terrible. Now, a few years later, we are back in there and revitalizing the place again. Ignorant clients are the worst. They want the world but will make a change at the drop of a hat.

    Don't let it eat away at you. I love your work, you guys do great stuff. We are about half your size, from what I think I've seen you say on here, so you know better than I do how the cycle works with these clients. I'm sure you'll be back in there in a few years, if not sooner.
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    Thanks for the compliments. Its not a big blow financially or anything, doesnt really effect our schedules it just gets to me that someone can do that to you after you bent over backwards for them for 2 years. That place used to be a dump! We really cleaned it up and got the irrigation working properly. But its business and it happens. The place was kind of a pain in the a** to maintain, maybe it was just a blessing in disguise. Im the kind of person that if you leave us for a cheaper price dont come crawling back months later because we wont take you back. In this business its not worth it to have clients like that.
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    Your properties look great! I take it you are all commercial?
  8. SRT8

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    For the most part we are all commercial. We have a couple estates that we maintain but thats it.
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    Hey man I sent you a pm
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    Well it's time for me to man up and say sorry for doubting you. Your pictures speak for them self, it looks like you have some very nice properties.

    About losing that contract. We lost one years ago in a similar situation. When we first started maintaining this property it was rough to say the least. This property was on a pretty busy road and after we took it over the owner would always talk about how many compliments he received from his customers on how well it looked. Well after two years we lost it and it confused me to say the least. After talking to the owner, he told me that he had traded some work with the guy and that's why we lost it. Well after about 4 months he called us and we were back, I had the account for 8 more years, all the way up to when I decided to sell my company.

    I always tell people that it doesn't cost anything to let your property go to crap, but it will cost a lot to bring it back.

    Again, I wanted to apologize for doubting you and your company. Your work looks great.

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