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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Victor, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Victor

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    Well... I just got off the phone with Cathy at Northern Turf Products. I got some info from her that I thought I'd share with you guys. I had originally thought these machines were already for sale, but they aren't. It would seem that they are in their final stages of production.

    The first question I asked her, was why they didn't use a stainless frame on their machine. She said there's a good chance stainless frames will be an option at some point. She said they currently powder coat their frames, so they're not "just painted."

    I also inquired about their retail price. She said they hadn't worked out a firm price for them, but they would probably come in around the high 7's. I told her that the price might be a stumbling block to many people. She pointed out that you get what you pay for. If people wind up liking these machines as much as Z-Sprays, I'm sure they'll sell a lot of them, since the two will have similar price tags.

    I told her that I was interested in demoing one at the GIE and she said that she wasn't sure if they will have a demo area secured, so one might just be on display. At the least, they should have a demonstrative dvd (I was told). They're currently working on setting up dealers all over.

    Well... I'm sure I won't be the only one at the GIE doing some serious reconnaissance. Although, there will be some Lawnsite members there that are much more qualified to evaluate this machines' merits and drawbacks than I am.

  2. Tscape

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    That sounds like a joke! First it looks like a Perma Green. They couldn't even come up with some design of their own? Secondly, it claims to be better than a PG only with a powder coated frame, which, I'm sorry, will still rust almost as fast! Thirdly it is almost as expensive as a Z-spray. Puhleeze!
  3. Forever Green Lawn

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    I'm will Turfscape on this one, seems a little pricey for no stainless. A new PG Magnum is about $5900.00. For 8K, you can almost get a Z-Max or a Jr. with money to spare. Sounds like it might be an ok machine if a few things get changed. Only time will tell...

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    time will tell us weather its a winner or a loser i like my pg's they make me money and work great for my application i will wait to see what the Northern Turf Products machine can do before plunking down that kind of money
  5. MrBarefoot

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    I think I can speak for many people when I say the following.

    If they want to charge as much as a Z-spray then it has to offer something different and/or better then the Z-spray if they want to sell it.

    If they are trying to appeal to the PG market then they will need to move their price down, otherwise we will just buy Z-spray.

    This machine seems to offer several performance advantages over a perma green. I particularly like the adjustable spray volume, the large tank and in tank agitation.

    But the lack of a stainless steel frame is a fatal flaw. Does anyone have a "painted steel tubing" spreader? There is a reason they are rare.

    Go stainless or go home.
  6. teeca

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    about the only thing that would make it better then the z-spray is that it is front wheel drive and will handle hills. but then so is the PG and it's 3k cheaper and stainless. also lets not forget that the z-spray was reg steel and they put under coating on it for protection, and now their stainless.. everybody needs to start somewhere.
  7. americanlawn

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    For fifty bucks more, why don't they go with stainless steel?? Sure - I still use a LESCO push spreader that is regulrar steel, but I wash it everyday (15 year-old spreader).

    Fifty bucks --- why don't they fork out the extra money??? Weird.
  8. FINN

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    "everybody needs to start somewhere."

    I agree........but not on my dime
  9. teeca

    teeca LawnSite Bronze Member
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    well, they do... look at just about everything that you own, from your vehicle to the boots on your feet. if you owned a PG, then bought a z-spray, they did it on your dime. i remember when a 486dx2 prossesor was lightning fast, well look what we have now.
  10. Victor

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    I had a long talk with Jim from Northern Turf Products (he's the one who designed this machine) about this machine and wanted to share my insight. When I walked up to the machine for the first time, I was very impressed with how ruggedly built the machine was. This impression held true after I had a chance to walk around the machine and "kick the tires." All of your controls are on the handle bar-mounted control panel. I love the fact that everything you need to use to control all of your functions are right there within easy reach. I also liked the positioning of the gear selector. It consists of a lever that's mounted by your right thigh. I think it would be much easier to operate than the foot shifter on a PG. I also love the fact that this machine has a parking brake. Another feature this machine offers that PG doesnt, is the fact that all braking is done with the front wheels. That makes great sense, because most of your weight would be on those wheels in the first place. Another great feature this machine offers is the abilty to lock both drive wheels together. Like Jim told me. If you slide into a ditch and are having trouble getting out, this is a great feature to have.

    For those of you that were wondering if there's a left, to right adjustment for your fert pattern on this machine. I was told and shown where there's a plate with finger-like protrusions, that can be adjusted to accomplish this.

    The overall build and ergonomics of this machine really impressed me. I was really impressed with this machine. It has a huge solution tank on it, plenty of fuel capacity (I believe he said the 2 fuel tanks hold between 5-6 gallons).

    Jim was extremely friendly and good to talk to. I told him that I was dissappointed though, that he didn't have one out there at the field day and that I really would have liked to have been able to demo one. He said that he didn't bring one out there because of the weather conditions. I could tell he got the message I wasn't happy about that. I told him that it looked like he had an excellent machine there and that I liked everything I saw, BUT this wouldn't mean that I would like the way it handled and felt when I demoed one.

    Now... with all of this said. I know a lot of you guys read where I was told by one of their employees who answered the phone, that they believed the list on this machine would be around the high $7,000 range. Well................... Jim told me that the list on this machine will be $8,500.

    If you have any questions, or comments about this write-up, I'd love to hear them. Maybe I can answer any questions on info I left out. It's obvious what most of the comments will be about.


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