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    I have a question that some of you may have encountered. This was my first year with sub-contractors. Well on one guy at the end of the season I had a brain fart and did not get his ssn so I could do a 1099 misc. So I called the guy (who just walked off the job) and ask for his info. He told me that he was not going to give it to me, because he did not want to pay taxes. I called the IRS and ask what to do. They told me that if I submit it without a SSN that I would be penalized. Has any of you had this before.
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    I had a guy do that to me in HS. I was working for a painting company and he told me it was all under the table. Turned out he was lying and filed a 1099 without my info. As far as I know nothing happened to him. Im sure i would of found out also because he is a good friend of mines brother.
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    That's easy if he was truly a sub-contractor. Just call the company that he works for and get it or if he owns the company he has to have a License and other info on file which would have his SSN or Fed Tax ID if he really wasn't a Sub but your employee using your equip and you hjust called him a sub to get around paying taxes and SS and Medicare on him well that is quite different and I'm sure the IRS will take that up.

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