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    i began using the BCI TDR in 2000 as a locating aid, i loved the BCI and was sorry to see it die in an unfortunate electrical accident. the BCI was replaced with the Triplett 3271 and i have enjoyed a lot of success with it also.

    recently i acquired a T-3 Innovation Snap Shot and look forward to putting it through its paces this season. the Snap Shot is a SSTDR (spread spectrum time domain reflectometer) which is new to me. this is going to be a fun season and you should be hearing quite a bit about the differences.

    i guess this will be like everything else i seem to do, i'll take my time and tell you guys how everything is going in stages. i hope that one day we will find a tdr or sstdr that will become a must have for every irrigator. :)


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    you have more faith in me than i do ASI, i would not know where to begin.

    both livewire innovation and T3 innovation are sister companies, the Faultchaser and the Snap Shot are similar but i have not read enough to determine the differences/similarities.
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    Best of luck to you. please note that i have not had the faultchaser in hand bvt i am entered too. the faultchaser is if i am not mistaken, a couple hundred more than the snapshot. i have a referral to a full system locate tomorrow or friday where i will pit the triplett and the snapshot.
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    ain't gonna happen, client called me when i was in town so i stopped by, no controller, no wires, no obvious poc, but it has sprinklers :rolleyes:

    friday i'll try to find the hand valves with my magnawand, this is gonna be fun :wall
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    take pics plz!!
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    by the way i did find this without a tdr or locator other than my voodoo sticks. old hand dug well that was under a demoed building and debris


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    Neat stuff, Jim.

    Hope you're well.
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    i am thank you, your growing family is likewise i hope :)

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