St. Agustine to Bermuda lawn renovation

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lot0210, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Just moved down to FL and have bought a house it currently has a St. Agustine lawn. I do not like St. Agustine grass and want to go to a Bermuda grass. What I was planning on doing was it being close to the end of fall tilling up the St. Agustine and putting in a ryegrass then about early march overseeding with the Bermuda and let it take over the rye going into sumer.

    So here are my questions will this plan work?

    If not what would you suggest?

    What hybread of Bermuda (other than tiftway) do you recommend?

    Sprig or seed?
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    I too have been here for 17 years at first I liked the St. Aug. now I dont like it.
    I would cut out the sod with a sod cutter and go purchase Empire Bumuda.
    You can let the Empire grow out to 2.5-3 inches and looks great.

    Some old fart communities have burmuda and the cut it so short that you can see dirt. When it does freeze it turns brown.
    The Empire has a more freeze tolerance than regular burmuda.

    My St Aug is pretty much done and it's all weeds and Im soon to get a letter from the HOA nazis.
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    first off,
    you cannot seed any hybrid bermuda. Common is the only seed available. The hybrids are sterile, so you will have to lay sod.

    Empire is zoysia...LOL...

    i would seriously consider some of the zoysias, el tot, crown, etc... are all excellent turf and will be much lower maintenance than bermuda.

    Bermuda will be the highest maintenance of any turf you could get. We have to cut our bermuda properties twice per week to keep them looking good.

    Celebration is a variety that is more suited to homeowner applications. It grows more horizontally than vertically, so you "could" cut it once per week... But the horizontal growth means that it will be harder to keep out of beds....

    I would seriously try and talk you out of bermuda, and into the zoysia.

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    Forgot about the sterile hybreds. On maintenance I had heard It was the other way around and you needed to use reel mowers on it to get a decent cut.
    Thoug I will take your advice into account and research zoysia. The other questions I have are about disease resistance I have heard that it is realy low .
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    Man do I feel like a dumbarse.
    Yes Empire is Zoysia and Yes its the Celabration I was thinking of.
    They keep coming out with all these new hybrid grasses.
    Why cant they just keep it simple?

    All I know Im putting in the celebration in my yard.

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