st. aug and zoysia help asap please!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by midlandlawncare, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Please give me a few ideas if you will , i have 2 types of grass in my biggest customers yard , st aug and zoysia , i recently sodded the st. aug in june , i now have some sod pieces that are completely bermuda ( there was none in the yard before , it was centipede and i killed it all beforehand with glyphosphate), i have a few that are full of sedge and dalligrass , obviously i got a bad batch of sod , what can i apply right now to help rid me of this? the lawn can definitely use some fert, and it is thin in places , 34-0-0 with plenty of irrigation ok?( Its only had a regular hit of starter) im really looking for a good herbicide choice that wont burn.

    now, the zoysia was completely fine until i applied my final crabgrass treatment of trimec +++ on a hot day and screwed it all to hell ( what a diff a few degrees makes), is there a quicker way to help it recover other than fert and water, im trying to rebuild it while the summer is still here? thanks guys
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    FYI, St Aug will always take over a Zoysia, unless it's separated by a border of some kind.
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    sorry , i forgot to mention the zoysia and st aug are in completely separate areas of the yard, i just need help on both ares

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