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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by oceanpotion, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I just applied some permethrin for some chinch bugs I have on my own yard and now Im reading that it wont kills billbugs or beatles which I also found. Last time I applied some Talstar I got from lesco and bugs of every shape and size were running for the border. Basicially this question is what is the most broad ranged pesticide for use on St. Augustine grass?
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    The answer is!!!!!! there is none. Even Merit won't control Sugar Cane Grubs and Bayer no longer Guarantees Merit for Sugar Cane Grubs. Depending on your pest pressure you should rotate products. Gone are the days of the good stuff and now Florida is even passing fertilizer laws to limit the amount and type applied. I suggest you find a good one man band or small pesticide company that keeps up on current management practises and the laws. The big boys have problems keeping trained techs and generally aren't as good as the small guy.

    BTW Liquid Sevin still carries the broadest spectrum label of any pesticide. However Sevin is not the best at controlling certain insects.
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    Thanks ric.. I did the permethrin AND the Sevin (carbaryl) so that should be a pretty good toxic punch. Rotation also makes sense as I have read something about chinch bugs becoming immune.. yikes!

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