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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. williams lcm

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    I hate it when you cut the St. Augustine at the correct height and then your customer then cuts it himself at a lower height. He has 2 propertys that I maintain. He asked me how to get a good looking St.Augustine lawn. I told him to cut it at or above 4inches. I cut it at 4 inches but when I leave he goes and cuts it at 3inches and scalps the grass when he turns the mower. The neighbors and other LCO's must think I am scalping it. crazy people.
  2. 2 words-drop him
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  3. williams lcm

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    Can't drop him. He is best friends with a few of my other customers on the street. I do a total of 14 lawns plus the common grounds in his neighborhood. He is very tight with the home owners association. At least he pays me still.
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    The customer is always right, send him a little note and explain your position and why.
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    If he mows it himself when you leave why is he paying you to do it.:confused:
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    my thoughts exactly... thats a pretty sweet deal... i dont know why he would do that if i had a lawn guy and he was cutting my grass and i didnt like how he cut it and i had to go behind him and re-do it i'll be damn if i paid him. i understand he is wrong in what he is doing but why pay you if he doesnt like the job you do and go right behind you a re-cut it???
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    Normally drop him, But in this case put your gloves on. I would quote IFAS. Then inform them that you can cut it short if they insist and agree in writting that you are in no way responsible for turf quality. In this case his lawn will look crappy and everyone else looks good.
    Some IFAS links to help you out. (I did not read them myself) Do a search and print some info up as ammo. columns/Mowing.Florida.Lawns.htm

    We maintain 17 homes in a 33 home community plus common area. We have the best and worst lawns in the neighborhood. In these tight niche community they will know its not you but the HO instead.
    today we cut our zoysia & nice bahia at 4"(yes we have nice bahia) St. Aug. was cut at 4.5"-5.5" depending on how green it was. We'll normally back it down when we see spring growth. As the summer progresses we work it back to that 4.5'-5.5" range.
    good luck
  8. unkownfl

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    Depends on the St Augustine we are mowing. I mow some Saphire/Palmetto/seville below 3 inches and looks perfect. If it looks scalped it may need to increase frequency.

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