St. Augustine general lawn program?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Field of Dreams LC, Dec 6, 2010.

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    I am still searching to add a organic lawn program for my customers. I live on the coast by houston, Tx and we have nothing but St. Augustine grasses where I live. Is there a general program with tested products that anyone could point me to so that I may research and see if that would be something I can offer next season.
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    Top Dress with quality compost.
    Add Corn Meal for fungus issues and green up
    Add CGM for Green UP
    Add Alpha Pellets for Green Up

    That should work, but my big concern for you would cinch bug and combating them, at least until you get the turf to take care of itself because as you know they can take the lawn out pretty quickly.

    I have looked and looked and asked and asked and other than healthy soil, find no evidence of proven results of stopping cinch bugs in SA without the use of pesticides. Other than claims by manufactures who sell product that is.
  3. Tim Vipond

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    This is what my Houston lawn care customers are offering: .

    Quick and easy to apply, about $7 per yard per application. I also offer them free advertising and referrals.
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    St. Augustine requires 1lb of Nitrogen/1000 every 4-6 weeks during the active growing season. In respect of your plan to use all natural, there is nothing that would allow that much Nitrogen. Milorganite has 6% but lacks another very important nutrient (Potassium) St. Augustine and all turf need this to produce roots and stave off winter die back, fungi and other problems. Here again nothing seems available to feed it with the 1lb/K/ month seems to be available--I may be wrong there; check for yourself. Then there is the summer problems of fungus and pest as already mentioned. Milorganite would require 17lb of product/K; some folks swear by it. There has been some critical press on Milorganite as to smell, but I never noticed it on a lawn that had it put down. Do some googleing, ask you local extension agent. On another note: I would not accept a client that wanted/insisted to micro-manage by wanting a full organic program (there's no suck thing) or questioning an established business. They are too much trouble down the line such as complaining about "How their lawn does not look as good as a neighbors", "When will it need another application", an on and on--just too much me, me, me attitude later on in the season. Couple that with several other and you'd be a good candidate for a suicide watch. As far as a good program, begin with a soil test and go from there. Good luck in your endeavors
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    Come on RA, you should know by now organic programs do not work like synthetic ones, nor does one have to follow extension recommendations for fertilizer to the T. If people fertilized based on observed need and/or soil testing, then you wouldn't need to follow generic recommendations .... would you?
  6. jonthepain

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    how does that work?
  7. Tim Vipond

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    I list them on my website.

    For example, someone Googling AGGRAND houston would find my information several times on the first search results page out of 15,000 search results. When they click on my website, my Aggrand retailers and applicators are listed. If they want it applied, I would contact one of my applicators.

    Googling liquid organic fertilizers houston would find my info several times on the first search page out of 30,000 search results.

    Googling those terms and any city I list on my website would likely find my and my listed retailers on the first search results page.

    All I ask is that you purchase a small amount of Aggrand and I will list you on my website which will be found by Googlers. The more I can send you customers, the more money we can both make.
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    How can you and your customers possible stand the smell, those fish carcases smell worse than most of the things that have been sent to us, and there have been some really smelly things sent this way
  9. ICT Bill

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    this is from FL on the coast with fine white sand, all St Aug, the year this was taken all 10 months (their season)was our tea

    win a free six pack to guess the right answer to how much N was applied for the 2009 season

    and go to this thread to see other pictures

    LIP resi yard 2.jpg
  10. Tim Vipond

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    The odor is barely noticeable in the new formulation. Just enough to let the customer know it was applied. Not objectionable at all. Dissipates in a few hours. No complaints in hundreds of yards used.

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