St. Augustine grass dying

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Got a questiong for you experts in this field. I have several clients (including my yard) that is turning brown and dying in large areas, looks like it was sprayed with roundup. One lady called tonight and complained about hers. We have had weeks of 100 plus degree weather and high humidity with heavy rains at night. What is causing this and what is the cure? Is it a fungus, insects or heat stressed? The lady that called has been watering hers also during the day when its hot.
  2. olive123

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    for chinch bugs there will be a telltale yellowing mixed in and surrounding the dead and dying grass. Do a detergent test. Youll find how to do it it online.Its next to impossible to id w/o pics though.
  3. scweedman

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    Could be fungus been seeing alot of fungus in St.Aug. Really need pictures
    I hope you have treated for chinch bug by now are the problem is getting
    worse as we speak.
  4. bug-guy

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    go to the damamged areas where the good grass and dieing grass meet and part the blades chinch bugs are small but there should be alot of them blk w/white x on the back, smaller brown w/ white stripe and very small orange

  5. villagegreenlandscape

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    Thanks for posting the photo and description. I've had a handul of properties where I was very certain I had chinch bugs but never could identify them. I've been told to flood the area with water to make them more obvious but it didn't help.

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    chinch bugs benn spraying them for 3 weeks
  7. gregory

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    they are pretty easy to tell if you know what to look for..most of the time the grass blade will be yellowish alot of the time one side will trun yellow while the other side is still green...i had a real big problem this year with them...i sprayed the yard with liquid dusrban and then put out talstar ez its been almost 2 months and that seem to have taken care of them so far...if that what your problem is...
  8. DSTC

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    We've been spraying pretty much all of St Augy for chinch bugs over the last 2 weeks. I'm about an hour away from you, so the climate is about the same. Good advice in the replies here and I'll add that we've had great results using Sevin on the chinch. I like to change out from year to year to different insecticides, so this year it's Sevin for us :). Another thing that I've noticed is that chinch seems to love to attack in the sunlight, but not so much in the shade. Anyone else ever noticed that? Maybe it's just me :)

    It's a little hot and dry right now to get too many fungus problems, but gray leaf spot can be an issue in St augy as well, especially if you have a lot of nighttime leaf wetness. Make sure the customers are watering in the early morning and not at midnight :)

    Gray leaf spot is easy to find, just look for gray spots on the blades of the grass, if so treat with a fungicide that works well on leaf spot as not all of them do.

    I've also just seen a lot of drought stressed, wilted grass this year. Being down 20+ inches in rainfall and 100+ degree temps doesn't help us at all :(
  9. DSTC

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    I thought that Chlorpyrifos had been pulled from residential? Might want to check on that in FL. I kow that we can't use it in GA because I just double checked my extension service handbook.
  10. olive123

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    dursban is no more legal to use. The time window to use up what you had is GONE. dont get caught! You will be sorry...

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