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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by g8trjasonb, Mar 24, 2014.

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    I might get banned for this post since I'm not a Lawn Professional, rather just someone looking for a bit of advice from those that are willing to share, but didn't see anything in the forum rules disallowing people like me, so apologies if I missed it.

    Anyhow, a little background first. I re-sodded last spring with 12 pallets of Floratam in my backyard here in Jacksonville. I watered 4 days a week during the growing season, and 3 days/week from October-April.....all early morning waterings with an irrigation system and great coverage. I fertilize every 6-7 weeks with Bonus S and applied treatments of Scott's Winterguard in November and early January. I also treat for pests and keep it mowed. So, I feel like I'm doing everything right and my lawn really looked great all last year.

    So far this year, it has not greened up at all and I'm starting to get worried. We had some freezes this winter, but nothing out of the ordinary, and my front lawn is doing fine and looks great (it's SA Classic, not Floratam though), as are the neighbors. One thing worth mentioning is that my house lost power in early January, which reset my irrigation system so it did not come on for about 2 weeks, maybe a little more until I realized it. I do not think it rained during this time either, and it was very cold.

    I put down the first feeding of Bonus S this past weekend and I'm watering every 3 days (20 min/zone). Is my lawn likely dead from the lack of water it received or is there hope? I just don't understand why the front survived, unless it has something to do with it being Classic turf. Is there anything else I should try? :wall
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    First, lets see if any root damage is present. 1. Try to pull up a piece of sod. Does it just pull up or seems like it has rooted. 2. Check the roots--are they white or brownish black. 3. If there are any stolons (runners) they should be pliable and whitish-greenish and stuck to the ground. If any of these show damage then you might have a problem. Since I don't know much about you weather or growing season, someone else that has similar soil and temps might chime in on what you are seeing. Give it a few more weeks before you decide if it is dead. On another note: 20minutes per zone is nothing for sandy soil. More like an hour to get you 1/2" of water. Sand is way different than loam or clay. Your best bet would be to watch how quickly the leaves tend to close up and water more deeply.
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    Thanks. I've attached some pics.

    1. The sod still feels like its rooted. 2. The roots are brownish, not white. 3. The stolons are definitely stuck to the ground still, but I don't see any green.

    Regarding the irrigation, I installed it myself and deliberately created overlap everywhere, so I'm getting more water in those 20 minutes than it sounds like.

    photo 2.JPG

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 1.JPG

    photo 3.JPG
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    From the pictures I am willing to bet the Floratam won't be greening up. Your weeds are about as green as your yard is going to get.

    Rather than re-sod with 12 pallets of sod each year, why don't you asphalt your yard and paint it green.

    FYI Your first mistake was doing it yourself. Hire a professional.

  5. g8trjasonb

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    A professional wouldn't have turned my irrigation back on when the loss of power cut it off. And those are not all weeds. Those are mostly patches of green St. Aug.
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    During the winter the St. Augustine really only needs to be watered once a week. 45 MIN TO 1 hr PER ZONE. You don't want to over water or under water the grass. Cut it 4 inches or higher. Short 20 min water cycles encourage shallow roots. During summer water twice a week. This winter I did not water my st. Aug much because we had rain almost weekly.
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    On the timer issue: I thought almost all timers had a battery backup. Check it out you might need a new 9V. I only use Hunter Pro. and change the battery every spring. However up here we don't have to irrigate during the winter. Start your irrigation and ground temps. Usually when the ground at night stays around 55 or so, your grass will start to green up. If that is happening already give it a couple of weeks.
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    Mine doesn't have a battery, but I'm going to either install some kind of external auxiliary unit or buy a new control box with a battery. Lesson learned for sure. Thanks for the tips.
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    to me it looks like the frost or freeze got it.. mine has looked like that in the past and I am a lot futher south then you but the yard comes back pretty good may take till some time..

    you might want to get a different brand of fert your spending more money on a name and that's it..
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    Over watered ........we shut water off all winter on St
    Is DORMANT. Yours is now dead.

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