St. Augustine green up

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by g8trjasonb, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Valid question I think as proper products, including potash not just a N heavy program like scotts offers can make a difference.

    Another thing about the neighbors lawn, Same cultivar? This could do something with the desired thick look as Floratam has a much more open growing habit than say seville for example.

    There are too many factors here to consider...what I do know is that proper cultural practices would of not lead to this disaster.
  2. g8trjasonb

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    No, he does everything himself. He uses Scott's too, which is why I started using them. Prior to that, I was using Fertilome products.
  3. g8trjasonb

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    Yes, he has Floratam.
  4. gregory

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    i would look for either pro source or what ever they are called now or another fert company or worst yet find a lesco or john deere landscape company.. all of those in my opinion are better then scotts..

    where do you live at in fla? I myself live in sw fla alittle futher south then ric..

    ric has helped me a lot over the yrs he told me what fert to get from pro source one and it has a lot of minors in it and I have used it and it has worked great.. I use it most of the year except for the summer..i back off the N in summer the grass doesn't need help growing in the summer not with the rains we get..
  5. g8trjasonb

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    Thanks, I'll look into it. I'm in Orange Park, just SW of Jacksonville.
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    I tend to agree with most of the Texas folks who have posted…..a lot of overkill in the watering….but you're not in in East Texas where I am. I have some St. Augustine as well, but it's not yet warm enough to green up and I'm hoping there is not a lot of freeze damage. That said, you didn't mention how you prepped the lawn before you laid the sod. We have a lot of "pros" here who really aren't pros…..unlike the folks on this forum. They're guys with a trailer who mow lawns but will do other things as well….and I cringe when I see them laying sod for their 'customers' with little….most of the time no…..prep. I've laid sod before for my own property……as is true of most things, best prep = best results. The new property I recently moved to……prior homeowners kept trying to grow grass in some areas laying St. Augustine sod over St. Augustine sod. Some days I just want to get out there with the tiller, tear up the whole thing, and start over again…….now that I have a decent tiller, I might just do that.
    In any case, hope you get your sod issue sorted out.
  7. g8trjasonb

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    Thanks for chiming in. As far as prep goes, we rented a roto tiller and tilled it all up. Then raked out the debris and smoothed and compacted it before laying the sod. No soil amendments were used. Then watered almost daily for the next 2 weeks until it rooted and I settled into my normal irrigation schedule.
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    Isn't scotts bonus s a weed and feed!
  9. g8trjasonb

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    Yes, it is
  10. Joey waid

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    His response to this post says it all..

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