St. Augustine not growing much

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I do not mow for people. However, I have a guy that does mow. He uses a 12HP Snapper with the Hi-Vac. Going at a very slow speed with the deck at about 3.5-4", does a great job of picking up the acorns. I do set the irrigation to go off early in the day so mowing with wet soil keep the dirt from being sucked up also. Generally very little grass is mowed since most southern grasses have gone dormant or quit growing. My people are older and raking is out of the question for them and him. He charges for an extra mowing. I'm also thinking that if those things were run through a chipper/shredder that they would make great compost. I know they are very acidic but this soil is so alakaline (pH above 7.5) might be returned to the ground.
    In SC we have acorns in the fall and leaves in the spring to pick up--a two-fold attack. It would be nice that both would happen at the same time as the northern guys. We have a variety of water oak that drops leaves in the late fall and puts on new leaves in the spring but most are live oaks and drop leaves in the spring when the new growth begins.
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    Yes I remember the Snapper 30" single blade High Vaccum Mower painted Red with a white Brigg& Straton Motor. They could be stood on end for storage. They were the best vaccum deck ever invented for a lawn mower. I believe they were mower of the Year in 1922.:D

  3. RAlmaroad

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    Yes Ric--You and I were about the only two that were at that show!
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    And got a senior citizen discount to get in :)
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    LOL:laugh: that was the mower I bought new in 1976 to start my first lawn service, as I recall the transmission used the same rubber disc steel plate setup as they used on the small walkbehinds. I was always replacing the rubber disc, that is until I blew up the all aluminum engine.
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    This thing that Jay the mower guy uses looks like it came over on the Mayflower. Amazing old machine but still a great job. I think it is more in the mower than the mower. Selecting the right speed and height of turf has more to do with the looks of the lawn than the machine. Anyway, as long and he does the lawns to MY satisfaction; I couldn't care if he used a scythe with a bagger.
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    Snapper also made that same model with a 8 Hp Briggs. Two reasons why that mower gives such a good cut. First is the Vaccuum deck and Second is the ground speed is Minus 2 MPH.
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    A lot of customers Lawns are dry right now. It felt like mowing dusty St Augustine. I don't understand how people try to save 20 bucks cutting water yet are willing to spend 300 a pallet to replace sod??? Customer always knows best I guess.
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    Could be a good thing. A good portion of mine tend to overwater :hammerhead: and are experiencing Brown Patch like there is no tomorrow!
    In all honesty the turf requirements of water are a lot less right now IMHO as it is not as active, evaporation is not as rapid etc etc.
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    $300 a pallet? Is that installed?

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