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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Landscape Poet, Jan 8, 2010.

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    LEP - I appreciate you insight. I am nervous about the insecticides as the chinch bug is a mother down here (look up Dursban (E-pro) and I think you will find my applications are stronger than all of yours and systemic) and shrubs were treated with Cygon 2e.
    However that is why I am trying to get away from synth. fertz etc as much as possible. I know that these products are so powerful that they are wiping out anything in there path, beneficial or not. This holds true for I feel especially for my lawn as I have consistently fought fungus since buying here. The only approach that I knew was to apply fungicides. So I started doing so with pentathlon, Propiconazole and finally moving on to Banner Maxx. The fungicide would wipe out the fungus - but only to have the fungus appear later in the season. So I responded by trying to chemically treat my soil with chemicals to replace missing macro and micro nutrients. Although the results were better and outbreaks were smaller and less noticeable and shorter lived, there was still a need for fungicides.
    Someone told me (Kiril or Small Ax I think) to remember that I was not only wiping out the bad fungi but the good ones too. At that point it all clicked, I think I was doing more damage than good and there had to be a better way.
    So I started reading more of the Organic forums - doing more research on Organics online too. It seems too simple to be true - but it also seems to make too much sense not to try.
    So at this point LEP I am starting to switch to switch over to full organic for fertilizers. I plan on using Compost at least twice annually and CT once every 3 to 4 weeks. I do plan on also using either Corn Meal (found a source online) or Chicken Poultry litter for giving the turf a little bump at regular intervals.
    My intentions are not to switch off of pesticides right now (will more than likely use a 21% bifen liquid concentrate to spot treat early on in the season and full cover later as the chinch begin to show later in season - but assuming I have good results with the organic ferts I will try Organics on that too. It is all going to be a learning process for me but one that I am very much looking forward too. I am sure that I will have many failures along the way.

    LEP - do you really aerate about twice year? How does your St. Augustine recover from this? Most folks that I have talked to down here say the soil on new construction usually gets it after 5 years and then once every 2 years, so your recommendation of twice annually seems a little strong from what others have told me. Do you feel that it is just that your area of TX has more clay based soils that we do in FL?
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    After reading these descriptions of insect problems in SA, thank goodness I live in cool-season grass country where we have fescues and rye grasses with endophyte inoculations.
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    You are also in area that rarely gets above 25% humidity, Michaels area has never been that low in recorded history

    they also have an almost 12 month season

    But its nice to hear that your lawns aren't bugging you :)
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    good points fellas
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    When it comes to thatch I would say, once a year aeration I feel is a must and two wont hurt. Depending on how fast your yard is growing and who is cutting and what type of environment you are walking into will matter. Once before summer time, to allow a healthy start to the growing season. And I recommend to my customers after growing season so there is no fungus build up come winter time... Just keep an eye out and educate your customers. And you will be fine...
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    I have used the combination package of nematodes on Florida lawns with chinch bugs in St Augustine grass very successfully - Juliac12
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