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    3 questions:
    1. Why would my St. augustine start turning yellow all off a sudden when it has never before? It seems as though it is spreading. It started in the new grass I planted 2 years ago and now looks like it spreading to my more mature grass thats been planted for 20 years.
    2. How can I control/stop bermuda grass from over taking my St. Augustine grass? It started in a small corner and is taking over.
    3. I have noticed in 5-8 yards that I mow that there are gray patches on the St. Augustine. Any ideas? It looks like grey spray paint over spray. Could they be some kind of larvae? sorry 4 questions
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    1. the yellowing, is the grass dying or just of color?
    2. bermuda can be controlled in cooler weather with fusilade II however it isnt labeled for home lawns.
    3. sounds like slime mold looks like gray popcorn celing spray paint? Harmless washes off
  3. fishindude

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    olive, it looks as if the grass is actuallt dying. I live in east texas where the humidity is over 90 throughout the summer. thanks for the answer on the grey areas.
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    Yellowing of turf, or chlorosis, could be caused by several things. Excessive N applications, escessive moisture, improper pH or nutrient deficiences in the soil causing uptake to be difficult. First get a soil test done to check pH and micronutrient levels such as Magnesium and Manganese. Deficiencies of either of these could cause poor uptake of Iron. Apply a liquid Iron app. for foliar intake for now.

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