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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dunn's, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. MJS

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    Wow, yeah, that is a pretty weird situation. Does he do this on purpose, or does he really not know the laws?
  2. SteveG

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    Oh definately on purpose , I even tried to tell em what it say's on the State and federal web site's ...
    The big thing is , How long has he been skimping on all the taxes and unemployment compensation not being paid into?????
    Only time and an Audit will tell ..
  3. Fick Supply

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    I wanted to let everyone know something new about Fick Supply Service Inc.
    We are now accepting woody yard waste, leaves, logs and limb chipper chips.
    The best part is the FLAT LOW charge and the fact that while in the west STL/ east ST CHAS county you now have a further viable option to keep earning instead of driving.
    Call us at your convenience to find how we can help. 636-532-4978
    Thank you for your time.
  4. MarkintheGarden

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    Thanks for posting the information!
    Could you also post your location, website, and the flat rates you mentioned?
  5. MJS

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    Last call for someone out there who would be interested in bidding on some commercial accounts - I have two large bids that need to be submitted next week and I am not currently able to provide plowing on these accounts. . . pm me if interested.
  6. PrecisionL&L

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    Not in the business anymore but looking to buy a used backpack or hand held leaf blower for around the house please pm if you guys have anything lying around. Thank you!
  7. Bob_n_weave

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    Go to Harvester small engine's at Jungs station road and HWY 94. They have 1 Redmax handheld blower left on sale for $200. nice price.
  8. SteveG

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  9. grassyfras

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    How late is everyone seeding this year with fall aerations?
  10. Lawn Tech LLC

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    I will try to get the seeding done by Oct 31.

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