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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dunn's, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Thought i would drop a note here first, instead of local paper or craigslist. I need to add a worker this year for lawn maintenance. Experience with walk behinds and ztr is a must. I have been in business for almost 30 yrs and we do fert. irrigation, mowing, weed control and lawn cutting. No walls or heavy work just turf maintenance. All work at this time is commercial. We are located in Ill. between Alton and Edwardsville. Some work in North County, St.Chas. but most in Illinois. If anyone is interested or any Lawn Co. owners know of someone please have them call Scott @ 314-568-7844


    Lets keep our prices up, because nothing associated with this industry is getting cheaper on our end.
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    Hey guys,

    New to the forum and I think the area threads is a great idea, giving guys in the same area a way to communicate and help each other out. I'm starting this year and am looking to service the west county area, chesterfield, wildwood, ballwin, ladue. So let me know if you got any leads and I will try and return the favor. Can't wait to get going this summer. Thanks.

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    Best luck to you Busch!
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    Used 1 year, good condition $200.

    Phone: 636-699-5181
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    Hi Dunn live and work in St.Charels County would like to trade work with you.... Get calls out that way often. Email me at
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    Did you bid on the City of St. Charles work that just ended? We had the packet for the sites but had to decline to bid due to work load..too bad , it was alot of grass
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    I wouldn't even bother bidding on any property the city has unless you like being under paid. I had a call from somebody about bidding on property in St. Charles and they wanted me to pay just for the opportunity to bid ? :laugh: No thanks
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    on this one there was no performance bond required but the bid sheet did state they were taking the lowest bid
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    We also got the bid packet but passed on it. BLCS had it, and i would imagine that they will get it again. I remember being at Scott's power equipment one day and BLCS had some new mowers up there that were so beat up and broke from mowing that stuff. In the bid specs it said that they wanted you to mow some areas every 4-6 weeks i think it was with a finish mower, NO THANKS, that's what brush hogs are for. The city doesn't care if you tear your equipment up. Also mowing that clover leaf at 70 and fifth street has to be hard on your motors with as steep is that is, i wouldn't think the motor would get the proper oiling to one of the cylinders

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