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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dunn's, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Krafty

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    Male, from St. Louis MO
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  2. lawnguy27

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    Just found this thread! I am in St. Charles.
  3. Matlock Lawncare

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    Just found this thread, I am in Ofallon Mo. We do mowing, fert, sod, mulching and so on! We used to do a lot of hardscape work but have gotten too busy with the grass and am tired of dealing with other companies lowballing my bids so we have geared in the other direction. BUT we do still come across a lot of people still wanting bids (mainly word of mouth from past customers) and would like someone professional to send some of this work to. I would want to see some past work so I know I am sending these people a reputable company. Plus I can never get enough leads for lawncare. We service anything from St. Charles to Chesterfield all the way to Warrenton.
  4. showmestaterida

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    from midwest
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    Anybody dealt w/ Mulchtech or ExpressMulch in St.Louis? Good/bad ? What are they charging per yard installed? Looking at subbing out some larger mulch installs and those were the 2 that kept coming up searching. Anybody use anybody else?
  5. xtreem3d

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    You can rent a Finn mulch blower and knock it out faster if that will work. They make a tow behind unit with about 100 ft of hose i think. if I don't buy one this spring that's what we will try to do.
  6. showmestaterida

    showmestaterida LawnSite Member
    from midwest
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    Hey Steve,
    Was going to but all I can find to rent is the smaller 302, Looking to rent the bigger one, any ideas on where or who might have one to rent? Not so sure about subbing it to these companies, want to make sure quality is there.
  7. mklandscaping

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    I'm from the Kirkwood area and always trying to network with people.
  8. Fick Supply

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    Mulchtech does good work and uses high quality material. I know the supplier firsthand.
  9. torquelandscaping

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    Arnold area. Gotta love all this snow. Winter will not let go. Anyone know of a dumping site for yard debris (pulling up grass)?
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  10. Ric3077

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    Is anyone mowing this week?

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